The Joys of Getting a Baby to Sleep

You are almost certainly going to have sleepless nights with a baby. We are lucky to have such a chilled baby in general but even our wee angel had his moments in the early days- and still does to be fair. We are at a stage now where we don’t…

Let the Family Time Commence

A short post to express how very excited I am! I have literally been counting the sleeps until today. This is the first time since Baby D’s arrival, some thirteen weeks ago, that Daddy D is going to be off for more than just a weekend. We now have Daddy…

Mummy and Baby D’s Big Day Out

A rainy, blustery day in Edinburgh couldn’t stop our mini adventures today. After many successful days out as a family, I thought it would be fun to try a baby day out solo, well kind of, we did manage to sneak a visit to Daddy’s work!

Books Books Books

In preparation for Baby D I literally filled the house with books! Hard books, soft books, picture books all kinds of books. As a teacher I love books and learning through books. Until baby arrived I had never really experienced how influential books can be!

Our First Night away as a Family

Travel cot- check, all of baby’s bedding and comforters from crib- check, most of baby’s wardrobe- check, an entire pack of nappies- check, bottles – check, cleaning brush – check, formula – check, playmat and large bag of toys – check and finally a small backpack with all mummy and…