christmas in november

Play Talk Read #30daysofplay

Baby D and I love playing together. When I picked up the leaflet for the session when we were at Baby clinic I knew I would love to attend a Play Talk Read session. I love going to groups because I get to talk to other grown ups for an…

Park Life in Pictures

Now that Baby D is getting bigger we can start to enjoy our surroundings more! We are so lucky where we live we literally have so many amazing things on our doorstep, we are near  many beautiful walks, parks and nature trails.

Dooking for Letters , Parties and Happy Pumpkins

Well we couldn’t well miss enjoying Halloween with Baby D! I never used to bother about holidays that weren’t Christmas but now with a baby everything seems fun, from dressing up to the mad idea of trying to dook with a baby!

Liebster Award 2016

Well after just three months of blogging I didn’t actually expect anyone to reading my little blog, little own be nominated for an award! I have to thank ChilliRegina for the nomination. Her blog is full of real stories from a real Mum who is sharing her own journey through…

‘We are One’ Baby D’s Naming Ceremony 

It’s official Baby D has a name. Lewis Ronald D, Lewis after Lou Reed my husband’s musical hero and Ronald after my late Grandad. The day was so much more than even I could have imagined. So many wonderful people came along to celebrate the birth of our son and…

20 Diaper Bag Essentials 

When I was packing my hospital bag I very naively packed the diaper bag thinking I’d just use that for the baby when we left the hospital, then never repacked it after we left. Naturally on our first outing using the diaper bag the baby was sick, I had no…

Our First Holiday, Aberfeldy, Scotland 

Just two and a half hours after leaving Edinburgh we arrive in the beautiful countryside. Come through Aberfeldy and travel along a windy country road, followed by a kilometre along a private road and we have reached our destination.