What you reading for?

Can’t beat a good Bill Hicks quote can you? Another little snippet into what we do on a daily or hourly basis with Lewis.

The boy is a bookworm but I find some books he just loves more than others. Here are a couple of our favourites this week and some of the ways we like to extend his love of books through play.

That’ll be Mummy’s book then wee man. He loves to take all my books, get on/in my bed and “read” it really is the sweetest thing.

This week one of his favourite books is his “Trucks” book. This is so easy to enhance through play and to be fair Lewis sorts himself out. After reading it or getting us to read it all. He somehow notices when we miss bits out! He will go and find his favourite trucks and have a wee play.

Having a wee play on his fire truck. He loves to make noises and ring his wee bell. He quite often has the fire fighting monkeys on board too!

A wee invitation to play simply by laying out his book and a few trucks. This can easily be extended by adding messy play to the equation on the tuff tray using any kind of cereal, sand or cloud dough.

Timothy Pope, Timothy Pope is looking through his telescope…

Shark in the Park has been a firm favourite for a while now and is often the bedtime choice. We went to see it live on stage after Christmas too. Lewis loves doing all the actions or singing along to the sound track in the car.

I also made Lewis a telescope which he uses to the actions and sometimes uses to shout through. It was so simple I used an old kitchen roll tube and two pieces of coloured paper.

Here we are linking our underwater themed sensory tub with our books by reading them before or after.

That’s all from the bookshelf this week. Let us know what your favourites are too. We love a trip to the library.

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