Casting on, plain and purl- Oh The Joys of Knitting

So I’ve always wanted to be good at something but never quite figured out what. I’m a creative person I love art and writing but I wanted a skill.

When I was little I tried knitting. It had holes in it, never fitted any of my teddies and often unraveled but I did enjoy it.

Fast forward about twenty years and I decided to give it another shot. My mum and aunty have already Knitted the wee man lots of gorgeous cardigans and my mum knitted him a gorgeous clown.

I thought id start with something simple like a stitch. I enlisted my aunty to teach me. Wonderful as my mum is she’s left handed and thought she’d teach me the wrong way.

My aunty turned up unicorn wool in hand armed with more patience than I knew what to do with.

As it turns out I can actually knit (albeit slowly). After one very short row of knitting she taught me purl, a wee bit trickier but I’m getting there. Then she left me with the task of practicing the dreaded casting on and off.

Off I trotted to get a few more balls of wool. I cast on, knitted a ball of wool then unravelled said ball of wool to start again.

So far I’ve knitted the wee man’s dolly half a blanket and I’m half the way through a unicorn scarf.

As someone who isn’t naturally gifted at learning new skills I’m really quite pleased with myself so far!

Hopefully it won’t be long before I can share some of my makes. I’d love to hear new things you’ve tried either for the first time or after many years.

3 thoughts on “Casting on, plain and purl- Oh The Joys of Knitting

  1. Well done a little practice at a time and I’m sure you do ok. You never know you might knit that clown yet where is the clown pic x

  2. You know what they say practise makes perfect keep at it I will having you knitting an Aran cardigan for him soon enough I have great confidence in you well done xxx

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