Tea for Two- Oh the Joys of Play!

I can’t believe how much lewis’s play has come on in the last few months. From simple exploring and well throwing everything to actually sitting and focusing, it’s amazing.

Today he took it to another level. I’ve always tried to make his play areas fun and exciting. Today Lewis set up his own wee play area.

First he dragged his wee table and chairs to the middle of the room. Then he proceeded to get his Albetta tea set, some play food from Giraffe to be so Beautiful and his Ronald Dolly from Betty and Edith.

Then he gestured for me to help him set it up. I was promptly pushed to the side once it was organised so that he could pour his dolly a cup of tea of course but he at least humoured me and let me help a little.

He played for ages pretending to eat and drink. Then he got an actual snack and still pretended to drink from his tea cup.

He realised his dolly didn’t have a plate and found a cardboard circle in his dinosaur box to use. I was quite amazed he found the same shape. Then he put a play strawberry on it. So cute!

I’m planning on doing more role play style activities now that I’ve seen how much he enjoyed his tea party.

He also has a little Ikea kitchen which he loves so maybe I’ll link the two and he can make the food then serve it. However anything you plan with a toddler usually ends up completely different but it’s worth a shot.

That was my surprise afternoon tea party. What surprises have your little ones given you?

3 thoughts on “Tea for Two- Oh the Joys of Play!

  1. You have encouraged his play so much that I am not at all surprised. However, I am very excited by this new development. It is such a lovely time when they are this age and everything is an adventure. xx

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