Exploring with Lewis- Water Beads Under the Sea

Lewis loves water so I had a sneaky suspicion this one would be a hit. I was right, doesn’t happen often but I’m glad I was he loved it.

This was a really simple one to set up too. I put in three packs of water beads using blues and white. Then I added some little sea creatures. I finished off the tray with some scooping and grasping tools. I managed to source everything including the tray for less than a tenner and aside from the actual water beads they can be used for years!

Most of the stuff I used is aimed at 3+ but Lewis tends to not put stuff in his mouth.

To make this tray for a wee one you could use jelly with blue food coloring and then mix it up a bit. Bath toys again can be used instead of tiny animals and you can literally use spoons and plastic cups for scooping.

Lewis got creative and took some of his kitchen utensils out of his play kitchen which of course was fab.

He had lots of fun scooping and squeezing. He even had a wee play rolling the water beads.

Again I used a tub with a lid so that we can come back to it. The water beads usually last about a week then either start to burst or get grubby.

I had used them with him when he was quite little in a zip lock bag which again was a safe way for him to have fun with the textures without the panic of putting it in his mouth.

I often give him his dummy when he tries new sensory play too which gives you an early clue he’s getting ready to put something in his mouth.

Extending our under water play again we sang some songs about fish and boats.

I hope you got some ideas for your littles. I’m always happy for feedback in the comments.

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