Painting our #RainbowofAdventures on Instagram- Come join in!

For a while now I have been sharing our adventures in little squares but I think it’s time we start to get a wee glimpse of other fabulous adventures.

See Lewis above enjoying the fairy houses at Nana and Grandad’s house. Nothing to fancy but he sure is happy!

I’m not talking exotic trips and fancy things although I’d like to see them too. I’m talking about the little things that are special to you.

I realise not everything is as perfect as intagram would have you believe so I’d love to see the out takes and tantrums too. Those pictures have a place.

So we will keep it simple to start with. If you’d like to join in simply use the hashtag #rainbowofadventures on your post. If you’re private you can tag me @joysofamum

I can’t wait to see what you lovely lot get up to. I’ll be sharing a collage of my favourites.

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