The Smell of Babies! Baby Seba Med Review

Skin care products are something I’ve always been wary of. I have very sensitive skin so have to be careful. Baby D on the other hand has perfect skin but I’m still wary when trying new products.

The new Baby Seba Med is a neutral but beautiful smelling range of baby products. There’s also something for everyone and every occasion.

We started with the bubble bath as baths are the wee man’s favourite thing. Being a very sensory little soul the first thing he done was sniff the bubbles. They passed he loved the smell and proceeded to splash and spray until we were wearing pretty much all his bath water.

Next up was the baby cream. This is perfect for any wee bits of dry skin such as knees of busy crawling babies. We also used it on our skin when we had little dry patches.

Next the Baby Wash. This is our swimming must have. It’s Fab having something you can take just for a quick wash without risk of filling the showers with suds.

Finally the lovely bar of soap. This being neutral meant that even I could use it without my hands drying up so this went straight into the bathroom sink. There’s just something lovely about an actual bar of soap!

We will definitely continue to use our Seba Med Baby products with pride. They smell just like babies should and more importantly they are designed with even the most sensitive skin in mind. What baby products do you use or couldn’t live without?

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