Rainy Days, Toddler Groups and Growing Up- Oh the Joys of a Mum

Welcome to the newly revamped “Joys of the Week”. Instead “Oh the Joys of a Mum” will be taking it’s place. Life is busy, hectic and wonderful and if I’m going to continue this blogging journey I need to accept that.

Every time I tried to commit to a weekly or monthly schedule life got in the way. This time I’m going to focus on life and post when it does get in the way! I hope you’ll stay with me and see where I end up. (Most likely hiding in the corner with tea and chocolate biscuits).

Anyways onto business. My little baby although he’ll always be my baby no longer fits the description of baby anymore!

That little ball of madness there is a whirlwind. Wonderful but a whirlwind. He loves to play, be outside and fill his belly (continuously). He absolutely adores all animals.

His current favourite animal is a cat. If you happen to be out for a walk and he sees one he will bellow CAAAAAT run after said cat and will usually be found petting said cat by the time you’ve sprinted to catch up with him. Usually the cat is purring merrily too which means the wee man seems to have my Dr DoLittle gene, hurrah! There was one instance where it looked like the neighbors cat was dashing up a tree, he had in fact seen a squirrel which are obviously more exciting than toddlers.

He will eat anything and everything now, especially oranges. There was one day we had to bribe him out the orange bowl with biscuits!

He adores bubbles, watching the excitement of a toddler blowing bubbles is adorable and quite frankly hilarious.

He’s now started a toddler group! Toddlers! He’s going with my folks one of the days I work so that’ll be nice special time! Apparently he’s been into the girls and gives them a kiss when they leave. He will break heart’s one day I’m sure!

And oh how can we forget the rainy days! I don’t know about anyone elses toddler but if mine is stuck in the house for more than a day he seriously malfunctions. So I have resorted to wrapping up and getting out anyways. I’ve had lots of requests for ideas for rainy days for play but I’d say get outside if you can.

Wait for a wee break in the rain (I’m not talking biblical rain days they’re a write off, on those days drink tea lots and lots of tea) So back to the break in the rain and get outside. Lewis adores jumping in puddles and you know kids don’t dissolve in rain! By the time you get back in even if you’ve only been out a few minutes they seem to resume normal toddler functioning.

How cute is Lewis wearing his Primrose and Bear puddle warrior top. He loves a good splash. Paired perfectly with his Milly O leggings too.

If that all seems too much keep a lookout for my new exploring with Lewis series. Every time we do something worthwhile and not too tricky I’ll be posting about it. It will have some fun things to do outside too!

Or if you are out of rainy day ideas you could do what Lewis does. Climb into Mummy’s bed fully dressed and demand Curious George on TV!

Anyways thank you for making it through my some what waffling post. Any ideas for rainy days please let us know.

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