Exploring with Lewis- The Arctic

I love watching my wee man grow and develop especially during playtime. As always open ended play usually keeps Lewis busy a lot longer than his plastic fantastic toys but he sure does love them too. It’s now finding a way of incorporating them into his open ended play sessions..

Fun in the Arctic

Here is my little explorer having Arctic fun on his Tuff Tray. This was such an easy play session to set up, mostly because the wonderful Little Shop for Scholars put together this wonderful Arctic Play bundle. It comes ready to use with instant snow, natural loose parts and some polar bears.

I added some Snowmen and Peg Dolls from Isaacs Treasures. He loves wee people and figures and giving them hugs and kisses just now. It’s funny how he goes through wee phases. We are quite merrily past the mouthing stage so I felt really comfortable letting him play and explore with all the little people.

If your wee one is still at the mouthing stage this can still be done. You could use crushed ice for the snow and just put in larger toys and loose parts for exploring. I used to use bath toys a lot before we got past the mouthing stage and there is such a variety of animals and vehicles.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Here he is again enjoying another winter themed play. This time I used a garden drinks tray I found on amazon because I wanted a wee play tray that I could leave out for him. I put this out last week and it is still out now he loves it. Again I used the Arctic Bundle but added more things from Isaac’s Treasures. Some trees, cars, snowmen and elves but you can literally add anything to a small world tray. I love to stick with a theme and develop a story line with the wee man. He loves to babble along making the noises of the animals and vehicles.

So some lovely snow activities what to do next?

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