It’s a Small World After All- 10 Reasons to take Your Toddler to Disneyland

Okay so we’ve been back a few weeks we’ve had time to think about our first trip to Disney as a family. We realised it is the perfect place to take a toddler (If you’ve saved for a year, don’t go out at weekends and generally don’t spent a lot because it is expensive!). Our wee man had an absolute ball. The nearer it got the more apprehensive we got about travelling with a little human but the wee man flew like a dream, loved every minute and charmed everyone he met, he even gave evil Captain Hook a kiss after getting very cross with him for putting his arm round mummy!

Em get off MY Mummy, NOW

Here goes our 10 reasons to take your toddler to Disneyland, or more our 10 most favourite things about our trip!

10 Reasons to take Your Toddler to Disneyland

  1. What better place to make memories with a young family than the magic of Disney, it really is all singing and dancing all the time. We had so many wonderful little moments as well as the big ones. It really is a magical place to relax, unwind and make those special memories to cherish.
  2. You can introduce them to flying without going on a terribly long flight. I took the wee man a bag full of busy toys which we worked through, I organised them all in zip lock bags so that it was easy to pull them out. He absolutely loves music so we took over the head headphones which he loved listening to his music on. We had also packed a lot of snacks and a dummy to sook on for take off and landing.
  3. The Parades are fantastic and will keep wee ones mesmerised the entire time. The only thing to watch is people ploughing in front of you despite you waiting forever for the perfect spot. I was very British and insisted on a fair queuing and waiting system at all times, much to Daddy D’s dismay.
  4. The Fireworks are truly spectacular. There is nothing quite like Disney fireworks. Even sat at the front the wee man was not fazed as he rarely is to be fair. Although he did find the flump we had bought him particularly offensive. It didn’t get anywhere near his mouth he used it as a Daddy whacker mostly.
  5. The Rides are surprising child friendly. Aside from the big thrills Lewis got on most of them. He really enjoyed most of them, as you can see from his delighted look below, he was a bit miffed as he’d worked out how to spin the cart but of course you lose control at the photo part of the ride for it to take your picture. Surprisingly he wasn’t scared or upset on anything.  His favourite was definitely Orbitron as he could move it up and down, definitely not a ride to go on after breakfast. It was a bit of a squeeze for three and Mummy and Daddy clambered off slightly misshapen. We also spent a ridiculous amount of time in Fantasyland. Daddy D’s clear highlight of the holiday was being stuck on a broken down It’s a Small World ride with the music blaring a little too loud for his liking. He didn’t even venture on the unnecessary spinning ride (the teacups).The wee man being a little Brit also learned the art of queuing. We had taken his little life Mickey Mouse pack which was perfect. It stored his water bottle, some wet wipes and a snack and of course he couldn’t get too far away with it on!
  6. The Music was literally always playing wherever you went. This was particularly exciting for our little musical tot. It was nice going down Main Street every day with a spring in your step. I do think the wee man was a bit put out when we got home and there was no music playing in the streets.
  7. The Characters were amazing. Not just because I got a hug from Goofy during the parade (the wee man was napping I didn’t push him out the way honestly) although that was a massive highlight for me being the queen of Disney. The only downside was the queues. They were sooo long. Another reason to always have a few toys on hand at Disney. Lewis particularly enjoyed his travel magnetic doodle board and tiny tubs of play dough. Always having lots of snacks was helpful too!
  8. Shopping or lack of. I don’t know if our toddler is broken but he never asks for anything when we go shopping. We’ve always taken a few items and let him choose one thing but more and more recently he doesn’t choose any. Even letting him have a choice of everything he will very rarely ask for or go to a toy. He quite fancied a cars book to be fair but being entirely in French was a bit beyond our capabilities, we have since bought him the same book in English from the Disney Store here.
  9. It’s very good exercise! Most holidays you do a bit of walking but mostly you are recharging. We clocked more steps at Disney for a week than we done in a month combined. They also sleep really well because they’ve had lots of fresh air and have been so busy during the day! Incidentally I’d always take your own buggy and a wee bike lock. You can hire a buggy but they don’t look particularly comfy or easy to drive. We also got into the habit of travelling light so that you’re not having to decant lots of things to find what you’re looking for.
  10. They’ll love it and you’ll have amazing memories to cherish forever. Although Lewis probably won’t remember Disney in a selfish way we will and will always remember the sheer joy and happiness as he experienced everything.We were very fortunate to go on such a wonderful holiday and stay in a Disney hotel. I think we will need to return in a few years when the wee man is a bit bigger so that he can remember things too. Will be interesting to see if he has any memories from our trip, he sure does love watching the videos and looking at the pictures from our trip.

So there you have it, our highlights from Disneyland Paris and why we wouldn’t hesitate to take a toddler. The question is where to next, all suggestions welcome.

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  1. What a fantastic experience you all had. Being so well prepared must have contributed towards everyone’s enjoyment so well done!! The pictures are all amazing but I particularly love the one of him with Daddy and the one of him with the leaves!! How soon before you plan the next trip?!

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