Life as a Mummy Blogger, one year into our Adventure

Firstly if you’re reading this thank you so much. It means so much to me that so many of you still read this blog I started a year ago. I can’t believe it. When  I first started writing I thought I would keep it to myself. Then one night I shared it with my Facebook friends, then twitter and now my humble little blog is read all over the world. So thank you again it means so much.

So onto business, Toddler D is as headstrong as ever and teaching us new things every day, for example Toddlers can climb onto any surface using the most unconventional means possible. I turned round this morning to see that he had piled his drum, mini piano and xylophone up in front of his unit and was proceeding to try to climb them to get his puzzle off the shelf! My first thought after urghhhhhh was Oh that’s quite clever actually. Which was quickly followed by a ”We don’t climb musical instruments darling”, sobbing into my cup of tea.

Having a toddler means I have found it quite tricky to keep on top of well anything and sadly my blog has fallen under cleaning, cooking and generally keeping a tiny human alive and entertained. However I have recently read over my early posts and as badly written as they are it is lovely to be able to look back on and rediscover things that we’ve done, things that although happened only months ago feel like a lifetime ago. I have decided that I will make time to keep on sharing our wonderful adventures even if it means I’m  typing while Daddy D snores beside me.

I have been very active on Instagram recently, a platform which I have  found a lovely community of supportive Mamas and small businesses. A lot of businesses we are fortunate enough to be working with. In particular I would like to thank Gin at Belcarra Clothing who took a chance on us and gave us our first Brand Job, I am now fortunate to call her a friend, funny how you can actually be friends with someone you have never met but have such a close connection with from the joys of the internet, when used properly is a wonderful and powerful tool. I have also been working with lots of other amazing small shops, head over to my Instagram  @joysofamum to see Little D’s latest fashions. You can also check out my posts on some of my hashtags- #joysofamum #RainbowofAdventures and #faffingwithflatlays for all you flatlay lovers.

We also enjoyed a lovely and restful summer. We stayed at home and went on lots of lovely day trips, picnicked in the park and played in the garden, It was bliss, enjoying time together as a family. We are also busy planning our next family holiday and it’s a biggy!!We are off to Disneyland next month but I’ll of course be sharing lots more about our upcoming adventure in more detail soon!

So to kick off my adventure back into blogging I will be posting every other night this week and sharing some highs and lows I have experienced as a Mummy and a Mummy Blogger with lots of other fun things for little ones to do for good measure. 

So I would like to ask you as my lovely readers what would you like to see next from Joys of a Mum? 


2 thoughts on “Life as a Mummy Blogger, one year into our Adventure

  1. A whole year already! How did that happen?! I’ve loved sharing your experiences with you from far away, and feeling that I’m still part of your life. I’ve enjoyed remembering my own “little ones” too and our adventures together. Keep it up. xxx

  2. Its great to hear all your stories some of his clothing is so different not likenny anything you pick in the shops he is a lovely little boy keep up you adventures little people grow to quickly

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