Into Toddlerhood we Go- The Joys of Walking, Tantrums and Too Many Cups of Tea!!

I still don’t understand how my newborn is walking running everywhere at speed never mind the fact that he is his own wee person. However he is full of spirit, curiosity and imagination. Our wee man is a character and he is throwing himself into toddlerhood- literally.

First he learned to roll, he was quite content, then he learned how to crawl, he got a bit happier, after that he started walking and there was no stopping him and now he runs  catapults himself at everything he does. He loves being outside, collecting stones (mainly trying to eat them), finding sticks (and attacking us with them) and of course like every child should (in my opinion) playing in the mud. His favourite thing in the world is still a tree, especially now that he’s realised they move in the wind and he can grab at them.

He also loves to explore and investigate everything. We now approach play in a far less structured way because Baby Toddler D now has his own agenda and trying to convince him to play with blocks when he wants to play with balls is like trying to convince yourself to have salad for tea instead of pizza, it’s just not going to happen! I still set up lots of different things for him to play with but I have also taught him where things are and he goes and chooses things he wants to play with. A firm favourite is his kitchen box which is filled with toy kitchen things and real things too and some kitchen related toys like his cracking and sorting eggs.

Toddler D loves books, even more than Baby D loved books. He just gets them more, kinda like everything. Every day he will go and choose a book, sit in my lap and we will read it together. He loves a lift the flap book but I’ve also started letting him loose with his paper books. He will sit and carefully turn the pages and gleefully smile as the next page is revealed. He is definitely turning into a mini version of me.

Toddler D eats everything! Literally, we are now having to do two weekly shops because living with two boys is proving to be quite expensive in the food department- good job we shop smart! He loves lots of fruit and veg. His favourite dinner is still pasta but his favourite food is now CHEESE he will eat lots of cheese if you let him. For a while we were worried because he hated didn’t seem keen on it. On his first birthday he got his first taste of sweet treats, Of course he loved them. I’ll be mainly leaving it to the grandparents to fill him with milky buttons- I end up eating them anyway if we try to buy him them.

Toddler D now likes to do lots for himself, it’s really good because it means getting things done is so much quicker a million times slower. Since he was about a month old he’s always been able to get sleeves in, now he takes his top off, helps dress himself and can get socks and trousers off. Our wee man also has the cleanest teeth in Britain, he finds his toothrbrush and brushes his teeth at least three or four times a day- All seven of them!

So now that he is playing, walking and eating on his own terms it would seem he now thinks he’s a teenager. If he doesn’t get his own way first the lip goes, then the stare then if you’re not quick enough to distract him armaggeadon occurs. I honestly thought kids were at least two before the tantrums started. Now I drink more tea, a lot more tea and if it’s a particularly challenging, we need to leave the house by 9am kind of day I will consume cake and biscuits alongside said tea. However one smile once he gets over himself and everything is forgotten. I hear tantrums are a sign of intelligence, maybe when the wee man is a genius he’ll pay us back for all the toys gently handed to us lobbed at our heads with venom.

But all said and done he is curious, spirited and we wouldn’t have him any other way.



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  1. Aww, bless him. He sounds so much like my youngest, the minute she found her feet that was it, no stoping her. And the tantrums? Oh my, she started as a baby and is still going strong at 3! I love this age when you can see there little personalities developing and shining through. They learn so much each and every day, it’s incredible.
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