”Baby D Doesn’t Like the taste of Cinnamon Mash”- Oats and Water Mash Edible Sensory Play from Twinkl

I love twinkl, I have used it in my teaching for years! This year I was lucky enough to be given a subscription in exchange for an honest review. I honestly couldn’t love twinkl any more, it has saved me countless hours in my teaching and now it is helping to develop my play with Baby D.

I love experimenting with play, twinkl has so many fab activities for under two’s I got myself in a flutter and didn’t know where to begin. However the teacher in me got the better of me and I’ve now made a folder with play dough recipes, sensory bottles, busy bags, messy play, games…basically all the toddler play you can imagine. Over the next few weeks I’ll be taking one activity a week and posting about how we get on, I’m going to be honest and say there will be weeks we just can’t manage but I am going to try my best to give my boy the best experiences possible.

This week we decided on ”Oats and Water Mash”. Each messy play idea comes with its own recipe and suggestions for how you can set up and carry out the activity. For me it was so useful to know ahead of time that it was all taste safe and I wasn’t worrying when Baby D put the odd thing in his mouth, although I was too busy laughing today at his wee face to worry too much!

We started with just the oats as suggested in a big bowl, Baby D has been a wee bit funny with some textures so we’ve been building him up one thing at a time. Baby D loves his Kitchen Treasure Basket and will happily play with all sorts of items. When we put the bowl down in front of him with the oats his first reaction was to reach for the wooden spoon and start stirring, I think he’s remembered from our baking!

We then added some spices one at a time to see his reaction, some he loved some well he didn’t! It was so good seeing his reaction each time. Then we started to play with the texture by adding the water, each time Baby D put his hands in to try it, eventually he just pointed at the water and wanted it all added at once. It formed a really wet dough.

We moulded some things for him and he tried a few too. I think Daddy D enjoyed the texture the most! Interestingly without being prompted Baby D put his feet in to see how the mixture felt on them. I think he’s maybe used to us trying him with different textures now! It all became too much once his hands were really sticky. He took great delight in shaking the mixture all over our living room!

The next time we do this particular recipe I think we will do it in the bath as it really does end in a sticky mess! Baby D loved it though. He always stays engaged longer during sensory and messy play. He lasted a good half hour before we had to clean up the carnage, not bad for a baby that’s just turned 1.

I can’t wait to see the wee man’s reaction with our twinkl activity next week!

*We were given a full subscription in exchange for honest feedback. If you would like to try some of the recipes head over to http://www.twinkl.co.uk/ they have lots of options from a free account to premium where you can even use twinkl Create to make your own resources.



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  1. That looks such fun and very brave of you to have the activity in your living room!! You did want textured walls, didn’t you?!

  2. We have Twinkl at work! Didn’t cross my mind to look for activities on there as well as display bits! What a great idea ♡

  3. Love seeing what Baby D gets up too! Think I might have to give this a go myself with my 11 month old 😍 Fab blog, thanks for the ideas! Xxx

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