Jupiter Artland – Review

We’ve been meaning to go to Jupiter Artland for ages so when Daddy D took a week off for a staycation we pencilled it in for a sunny day!

We didn’t really know what to expect. We’d never been to an outdoor art gallery before. We’ve been to some amazing places with the odd thing here and there but never an entire outdoor gallery.

The grounds are lovely. The drive in alone is pretty impressive as you pass through one of the main attractions.

Once you manage to get parked and find the reception, lacking a safe buggy path on the way, you pay and enter a lovely forest. Perfect for a baby that just loves trees!

There are lots of sculptures and things to look at all tastefully scattered throughout the park. The main attraction I would say is The Cells of Life by Charles Jencks. This is amazing because you can literally walk all round it. There are lots of elements to it which entertained Baby D.

Then we went on to explore the duck Pond which features Tania Kovats ‘Rivers’. Another Pleasant wee walk with lots of wild flowers and a few rabbits hopping about on the way round.

We then wandered round the trees with the big rocks in them or formally Anthony Goldsworthy’s ‘Stone Coppice’. Again Baby D was highly amused by his trees!

On the way to lunch we stopped to do a make and take with the wee man at the Art Hut. He had a ball making a peacock!

Then we decided to hunt down some lunch. We were a bit gutted we weren’t allowed to eat our picnic as there was lots of lovely spots and we always take our rubbish with us. We went to Party Cafe. Now I’m normally quite reasonable so when asked if we’d mind sitting outside with the wee man I said yes of course. Next we were asked to leave our buggy outside at the front as we’d cause havoc getting through the cafe. Sitting us out the way with a baby is borderline annoying but asking us to leave the buggy was just too much. We decided to just grab a takeaway cup of tea and headed back to the car to eat our picnic. It was a bit of a shame really because we’d had such a nice day to that point. Not a massive deal but enough to put a wee dampener on the experience. Not as family friendly as I’d hoped for.

Baby D of course was oblivious to our frustration and happily munched his packed lunch in the car!

Let’s see where our next day out with our little man will be! 

2 thoughts on “Jupiter Artland – Review

  1. Absolutely shocking that what’s supposed to be a family friendly place treated you they way they did regarding a child causing havoc whilst in a buggy is beyond believe we wont be taking A trip here.

  2. It is a beautiful place, full of amazing artworks which you just stumble upon. I love the landforms. However, I’ve never stayed for a meal so haven’t encountered your cafe treatment (plus, I don’t have a toddler). That is really disappointing to hear.

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