Almond Valley Museum, farm and Discovery Centre – A Fun Filled Family Day Out

So we had planned to take the wee man to Almond Valley on his actual birthday but you know best laid plans and biblical rain put a stop to that. However on Monday we ventured out to Livingston a mere 20 minute drive from our house to explore Almond Valley. I have literally never visited a place that was so child centred and I’ve been to Disneyland a fair few times now!


Nothing says good morning like Lamb Races. Baby D loved the animals. Like his Daddy he’s not too keen to go too near but he watches them so carefully and babbles away at them. There was also a Lamb Agility session but we missed that because the boys were having their snack!

Yup that’s a brush in his hand. We went walking to explore and found a giant sand pit. Well it’s actually bones and stones, a digging area to find – bones and stones. This is fab for little and big kids, the wee ones love to dig and the big ones have a purpose to dig. Baby D was of course more excited by the brush than the sand. The boy does not like the feel of sand, it’s the first texture I’ve noticed he’s not sure on. So what has Mummy done- ordered some play sand to get him nice and used to sand!

The wee man of course came out and found some swings. There are literally tonnes of playgrounds to explore. We kept it simple and just went for swings but we will return and let Baby D loose in the other play parks too. I think Daddy D also had his eye on some of the play parks.

Ok so not to be too gender specific but my wee man is such a boy at times and loves anything with wheels! He was squealing with delight when he found the tractors. There’s two sets- one set you can set your little one off round a sort of ”road” and the other is in the middle of a little forest. These are just for under fives which is amazing because we didn’t have any big kids to contend with or in our case for Baby D to shout incoherent babble at!

Of course you can’t visit a farm and not say hello to all the animals. Baby D and Daddy D observed from afar as I met lots of cute animals. There are lots of sinks and paper towels and things for hand washing after you say hello. There’s also wee bits of info with all the animals but not too much for wee ones, it’s pitched really well for families and school/nursery groups.

Lunch was fab, we visited Morag’s Milk Bar Tearoom. We were a bit of a cheese family-literally. Baby D had cheese sandwiches, Daddy had a cheese toastie and Mummy had a Baked Potato with-cheese! It’s so amazing now to be able to go out for lunch knowing Baby D can pretty much eat off the kids menu now. There was a point I was worried about his weaning but like everything with our wee man when he’s ready he’ll do it!

After lunch we went for a wee ride on the train- despite the fact that we still can’t take a family selfie Baby D seemed to enjoy it. Again he sat looking very serious taking everything in.

We then had a lovely play in Flora’s Forest which is a soft play room for the under 2’s. It is fantastic there are trees which of course are the wee man’s favourite, a mini ball pit and lots of lovely sensory lights and giant pillows and animal bean bags. It really is a haven for wee ones, set up in a nice quiet room away from the big soft play, I imagine it’s more of an inconvenience for families with children of differing ages but for us it was really good to let Baby D run free and not worry about bigger kids.

Our fearless little monster running through the rabbit warren. There was lots of giant rabbits which were just adorable.

What is fab about Almond Valley is there is stuff for little ones and big ones. There’s designated Baby and Toddler areas which just makes life so much easier for everyone. For everything you get it’s really reasonably priced too which makes a huge difference especially I imagine for larger families. We will definitely be back in the summer!




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  1. I’m glad you enjoyed your trip to Almond Valley so much. I spent many happy days there when my own dear darlings were small and they loved it. I have also been there with large groups of nursery children for end of term trips. These were very popular too. The AV team keeps developing the whole experience which means that repeat visits are definitely worthwhile!!

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