Goodness Gracious Ayurveda-Inspired Organic Pouches

Weaning a baby is tricky business. For us the journey has been long with many ups and downs but one thing we have decided if we are lucky enough to have more children is that we will always have a stash of pouches. We opted for traditional weaning but even friends who have gone down the Baby-led approach have still used the odd pouch for easy snacks on the go! I was absolutely delighted when Goodness Gracious offered us the chance to try some yummy new pouches, even better they are tailor-made to be gentle on little tummies using organic produce!

Very Happy Post Indeed!

Baby D has always been into exciting flavours and textures so if something is too plain or just not tasty enough he literally won’t eat it. The purees themselves are quite smooth which I was a bit worried about because Baby D likes interesting textures. So then the big question is, Did the purees pass the taste and texture test?

Based on that face I’d say yes!

Now that we know it’s tasty let’s get to the next important factor- nutrition. The Goodness Gracious purees are completely organic, free-from and use quality ingredients. You don’t need to worry about allergies or upset tummies! We made lots of baby food but it was also good to have ”baby ready meals” for times when you just don’t have the energy or indeed ingredients to cook something tasty and nutritious. I wish we’d found these purees nearer the start of our weaning journey!

Now the interesting bit, I thought I was being health conscious and mixing lots of fruits and veggies to get lots of good nutrients into Baby D but based on the ayurveda philosophy some foods are served best alone! This ensures healthy tummies and less digestion issues. Fruits are simple foods which only take about 15 minutes to digest so should be eaten alone or with fibre rich foods. Veggies, meat and dairy are not so simple they are heavy and complex so you shouldn’t really mix them with fruit. This is why Goodness Gracious never uses yogurt or mixes fruit with vegetables.

We sampled the fruity purees which Baby D loved. His favourites were definitely Banana, plum and quinoa and Mango, coconut milk and brown rice. Like I say he is a boy who likes interesting tastes and textures. There are also some savoury purees on offer but since Baby D is now on our food he only really gets the purees as treats. These purees are suitable for weaning but also for a yummy dessert or smoothie on the go. Even now as a toddler we keep a few purees in the fridge for hot days and when the wee man is having a sore teeth day. The coldness helps his wee gums and we know he’s also having a healthy snack too!

The Goodness Gracious Purees are available to buy from ASDA and online on the Goodness Gracious Foods Website.

*We were sent a lovely bundle of purees to try in exchange for our honest opinion. All views are our own.





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