Lewis’s First Birthday Teddy Bears’ Picnic

I cannot believe my baby is now one! It’s like all of a sudden he’s walking, talking (shouting incoherently mostly) and eating little human being. This last year has been the most challenging but by far the best year of our lives! So how to mark a very special birthday, well take an ordinary two bedroom upper villa with a smallish garden and cram all your friends and family in for a giant Teddy Bears’ Picnic!

The Birthday Boy


A Cbeebies Style Homemade Birthday Card
Outfit Handmade with Love (mostly) Cardigan Knitted by Nana, Tshirt, bib and hat all made by Benjamin’s Bear, Shorts from Next!

So the best way to fit as many people as humanly possible into a small space is of course to host the event outside, the only problem being the unpredictable weather in Scotland. In the week leading up to the party we had the wettest June on record in Scotland. Until 11am on the day of the picnic we had planned to have the picnic inside cramming chairs, picnic blankets and mats into every available space in our house. As the sun came out on Saturday morning we had never been so relieved. We managed to have our picnic both inside and outside.

Luckily my folks and aunty rallied round in the morning and got us into shape. My mum is even better than me at organising (directing) people. Baby D’s Aunty and Uncle also came round early and very kindly seen to the garden and put up all the decorations I had made/purchased.

For the decorations I opted to buy some things and make a lot of things myself again. I love to make things I think it just adds a nice wee touch. I used Twinkl Create to do most of it. I’ve been given a subscription to explore and review the play items (which will be coming soon now that the party is out the way). As a teacher I already knew about create and decided it would be perfect to make lots of personalised things for his party.

I ordered the Lovely personalised Banner from Etsy. The Little basket has my Teddy Bear Picnic Book, my little Teddy and of course my wee man in his lovely Grey Bear Benjamin’s Bear Gear! The Welcome sign I made using Twinkl Create and some sparkly foam to cut out grass shapes for the bottom! The favours were some gorgeous crayon teddy bears complete with a colouring sheet, all popped nicely into a teddy bear bag with a dress the teddy and some birthday stickers.

Pin the Bow Tie on Teddy

Next I decided to do a Teddy Bear party game. I bought some giant brown mountboard from Hobbycraft for the background. I used a template of a bear from Twinkl to get the outline then used the Alice in Wonderland Bows template from Twinkl to make foam bows to stick on teddy. I am so pleased with how it turned out and the kids loved it! Being a teacher I had to make a lovely backed sign to complete the game. I think I probably could’ve bought a party game far cheaper but I just loved the way this turned out!

GuestBear and Chalkboard

I made my own guestbook again using the same template I had for the pin the bow tie on teddy but I printed it out smaller. Like my welcome board and pin the bow tie on teddy I also used glittery foam for the grass ( I like to stick to a theme, or at least that’s my name for OCD). I also made a ”Now that I’m One” Chalkboard. I used chalk markers which are amazing to work with I loved them, if you make a mistake you can wipe it off easily and start again without lots of horrible marks all over the board. Again I used the same bear template!

Pictures just do not do this gorgeous cake justice. Made by the same very talented lady that made Lewis’s naming day cake after I attempted and failed to make a brownie bear. Just as well I done a trial run the week before. Yup I was mid panic attack the week before the wee man’s birthday when the lovely Amy stepped in and made this gorgeous tower of grassy cupcakes covered in flowers and bees topped with a very friendly Teddy Bear Cake! She is so talented Baby D is again so lucky to have so many helpful and kind people around him!

We literally filled the entire kitchen with food, and all available space in the living room and entire table in the garden, did I manage to get one picture- nope. I even had lovely themed basket liners and little chalk signs on all the food- although lets face it they are mostly pointless if you can’t work out what a sandwich or a sausage roll is based on looking at them you just wouldn’t be eating them! Although they were useful with the drinks.

It’s MY Party and I will NOT smile!

We really did have the loveliest of days in the end. Lots of friends and family turned up to wish Baby D a Happy Birthday.  I suspect I won’t be able to refer to him as that much longer either as he is now running round my house. The children played so nicely all day, our garden got a really good test run too, I’d spent ages sorting out play areas which the kids seemed to love! The best teddy went to Daddy D’s uncle who brought a real live teddy (A really fluffy dog). The funniest part had to be when Baby D frowned at the cake! He done really well considering there was so many people.

Ok I’ll half smile, Play it Cool Guys!

I think next year we will be marking the occasion with cake and the wee man’s favourite dinner. It’s now four days later and I have finally managed to remove all the grass, bugs and other left overs from our house. We had a fantastic day and the only regret we have is not taking enough pictures. I will leave you with a wee selection of the few I took/acquired from the day!

*We were given a subscription of Twinkl in exchange for our honest opinion and reviews all views are my own.

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  1. What an amazing party – congratulations!! I’m glad you enjoyed it too after all your hard work and preparations. Thank goodness for grandparents!!

    1. It was such a lovely day. Your letter is so precious! I’ve kept it safe for the wee man when he’s a bit bigger. We loved the tshirt too, You’ll get to see him wear it when you’re back 🙂 xxx

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