Back to work with a Bump!- Juggling work, Baby D, Daddy D and Finding Time for Each Other

Well I knew going back to work would be a challenge but I thought I would be that Mum sobbing as she waved goodbye to her precious cub! As much as I love Baby D more than anything in the entire world my biggest challenge is trying to organise everyone and keep on top of an ever-growing washing pile- I swear people sneak in and drop off their washing and leave!

Juggling is not even a word for what parents do- regardless of if they are working, stay at home or a bit of both. For me I literally couldn’t manage without my diary, wall planner and meal planner with a handy tear off shopping list- fairly low tech tools in a high-tech world. But I am a visual person so I physically need to see everything mapped out in front of me! It also helps to have fantastic parents who are on hand at our every need, although it doesn’t bode well for us with Baby D if at our age we are still relying on our folks- lets hope he’s better at being a grown up than us!

I am definitely very fortunate as I was able to take 10 months off with Baby D and really get to know all his quirks and form a really close bond with him. I’m also very lucky to be able to go back to work part-time, my school have been very accommodating and luckily we can afford for me to only work part-time too so that’s a relief.

Now when I have days with Baby D just us two I’m really precious and meaningful with our time. I don’t try to cram every day full of activities. If we are having a lazy day I make sure I get lots of cuddles and really savour the good times. By all means it’s not all perfect but I do like to share our Happy times as much as I can. I love Instagram at the minute, my feed is full of pictures of our adventures- there’s even some photos of Daddy D and other things that I like too although it’s mostly Baby D.

We even have civilised afternoon drinks sometimes too!

I really do love my time back at work too. I think it’s how I’ve realised I’m in the right job, I can go to work enjoy my day and come home happy, albeit completely exhausted. Again I feel very privileged to go to work every day and enjoy what I am doing. Although going back so near the end of term has put me in a funny old role at school. I don’t have my own class so I’m working on the Outdoor Play and Learning Policy and helping the pupils create their own Blog about their Outdoor Play.

It’s all very exciting stuff to be involved with. I’ve also had lots of opportunities to spend time in different classes and with different children. I’m with one class half a day per week which is lovely as I’d say they’re my constants at the moment in such a varied role!

I also had the chance to attend the EduTech Conference, which you can read more about here FutureScot’s EduTech Conference May 2017- Supporting STEM Teaching in Scottish Schools The conference was fab there was lots of different people and groups sharing good practice for STEM learning which is Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths- if like me you missed that memo!

However when it comes to my own blog I have definitely dropped a ball or two. Finding time for things is difficult and for the moment I have to prioritise my family above all else. For me my blog is my way of sharing my joys and right now they are looking after my family and spending time with them.

I absolutely love blogging and have been welcomed into the community with open arms, I hope once I get settled back into work I can spend a lot more time on it. I have already had wonderful opportunities to work with some amazing people and brands through my blog, I still have some things I am working on but again time is precious just now and I’m trying to give everything my best effort so I won’t be rushing anything just to get it done, when I commit to working with someone I always intend on giving it my all!

Daddy D being the ambitious one is also currently doing his professional accounting exams, tonight for example I spent half the evening out walking with Baby D so that Daddy D could do his online live revision class for his exam next week. As I say we are not a family to make life easy for ourselves.

On top of that we spent half the night in the Sick Kids with Baby D on Saturday with a high fever! Needless to say he woke up the following morning brighter than us and has since not only bounced back but made massive progress in all his adventures. He can now properly hold and draw with a crayon, I got a wee bit over zealous and tried to draw round his hand, being his cheeky self he realised if he kept moving his fingers I wobbled the crayon! He has also mastered the lid on his shape sorter and can manage some of the chunkier shapes! Still his favourite pastime is a good book!

Now the big question is how do we balance all of that? Well for anyone who already has kids you know the answer- you just do! When you have things to do, people to see and places to be you just manage. In the early days with Baby D I didn’t let a scary explosive nappy stop me from getting out and going to Baby groups. Our schedule is a bit more full now but we somehow manage.

It also helps that Daddy D is so laid back he is genuinley horizontal so I pretty much organise everything which is often easier. The odd time we have dropped the ball but in the end forgetting a nappy or a food pouch here and there isn’t actually the end of the world. There are so many 24 hour shops that really as long as you remember the baby everything else can be managed!

In our house there is always a pile of something somewhere. Or quite often piles of things everywhere. We always get the essentials done- floors are hoovered every day- Baby D will always find the bits we miss, the kitchen is cleaned twice a day but is never seen by anyone, as soon as the last dish is cleaned goblins come in and have parties and we tidy up every day, the trouble is we never manage to tidy the entire house in one go- it’s funny Baby D usually has the most organised room in the house- I always make sure his little play areas are set up and well stocked! Again it’s all about priorities and right now Baby D is at the top of our list- and his army worth of washing!

We are also somehow managing to enjoy each other’s company (sometimes). Since Baby D arrived we have definitely gotten closer (mostly) we do still have those moments where one of us imagines the other falling through the bottom of a bottomless washing basket, but that’s natural in any relationship, more so I’d say with the added bonus of sleep deprivation and teething babies!

So there you have it, how I’m just about scraping by with everything just now. Now just to make life a bit more interesting I’m going to start properly trying to lose the baby weight! I’ve already started healthy eating, now to get some exercise into my already manic schedule. If anyone knows any genius ways of juggling this madness please feel free to share!




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8 thoughts on “Back to work with a Bump!- Juggling work, Baby D, Daddy D and Finding Time for Each Other

  1. Busy life but well worth it especially when it comes to holiday and working two days gives you the best part of the week with baby D who is a very special wee boy and very lucky that his parents care and love him the way they do. The washing can always get done another day especially with all the clothes you all have x

  2. You have sorted out your priorities and are living life to the full with your family. I love sharing your adventures through your blog and feeling like I’m part of your busy, fun-filled life. (I’m with MM about the washing!). xx

    1. Thank you for being such a loyal reader I’m just pleased people are enjoying my ramblings. Xx

    1. It really does help but there are times everything just goes up in the air and that’s grand too! Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  3. Ah well well done you. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to juggle everything, I didn’t go back to work and I find it hard enough to get everything done around my two toddlers! Congrats lovely you’re doing fab! Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

    1. Thank you I think we’re all doing our best with whatever situation we are in and that’s just perfect ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for having me!

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