The Last Few Weeks of Maternity Leave- What We’re Cramming in!

I cannot believe how fast the last year has went. The last few weeks have went by in a blur. I return to work in just over a week. The last few weeks have been pretty hectic with a holiday planned for next week for the three of us, with a wee visit from my folks too!

I’m mostly going to share pictures from our adventures, partly because it’s taken me so long to write this words have escaped me, but mostly because I would need to write a lot of words!

the- last- few- weeks- of - maternity- leave- what- we're- cramming- in
When Baby D met a Pineapple for the First Time- I think he liked it!

So we’ve been realllly busy. We had a lovely walk a few weeks ago round our local woods- we didn’t actually know they existed until we walked to the supermarket instead of taking the car. Well we knew they were there but we didn’t expect what we found. It was literally like being in the north of Scotland. It was well worth getting up and out the house at 8.30 on a Sunday for!

We’ve also been having lots of fun with messy play. Baby D’s favourite is still rice crispies. I think this might just be because he loves eating them now. He does love to squash them too and play with the dust.

 Now that Baby D is nearly walking we have also dug out the reigns we were given. It’s amazing how much he wants to walk and cruise.However I don’t think he was best pleased with us when we put the reigns on him, he’s a boy who loves to be free!

As the weather has started improving we have also been spending more time outside. Baby D loves exploring Nana’s Garden. He especially loves to sit and play in the laundry basket!

Spoilt Baba enjoying his Easter Gifts!

We also enjoyed celebrating Baby d’s First Easter together. I’ve always loved Easter, it’s a lot less pressure than Christmas which means you’re not worrying about lavish presents. Children get an egg and a token gift and you have a yummy meal with the family. It’s also usually spread across the weekend, who wouldn’t love eating chocolate for four days straight! Baby D was pretty spoilt this year, he got a lot more than a token gift but we had a great weekend all the same.

Becoming quite a pro with a spoon!

In the wonderful world of weaning Baby D is still enjoying a wide variety of food. He pretty much scream blue murder when we attempt to put a bib on now so the Vanish is getting well used at the moment but he is determined to become more independent. He now loves finger foods and can pretty much cope with most things we give him!

Still as big as Baby D gets he still loves a good book. I can’t help it if I show him a book and he likes it I have to get it for him. His reaction is amazing. He literally squeals in delight if it’s a book he likes. We also pretty much choose his toys, clothes and everything else based on his reactions, he’s definitely a boy who knows what he likes and he’s getting very good at showing it.

I also attended my *gulp* last Magic Carpet Mini’s session with Baby D this week too. In all honesty I’m gutted I’ll be working Thursdays because Baby D and I love our Magic Carpet Mini sessions, the good thing is the museum has lots to explore so we can still have days out here too. Being back at work means I will have a few extra pennies so we can always find classes on the days I’m off too or have fun days out!

And finally on top of all our usual shenanigans these last few weeks, fun days out and spending time with friends and family I am now trying to take time to get back to my old self. The prospect of going back to work has reminded me that I’m not just Mummy and I am a person too. I’m doing silly things like remembering to wear my lovely scarves or jewellery, putting make up on and actually choosing an outfit rather than grabbing what is clean. Being a Mummy is the most wonderful blessing in the world and I thank my lucky stars for every day with Baby D but he needs a real person too and I’m starting to realise that. I’ve also started reading again (Books just for me not just parenting books or Baby friendly books) and it feels amazing.

So one week left of maternity leave and we are definitely going to make it count. We are off on our jolly holidays on Sunday. Watch this space for updates from our adventures!


3 thoughts on “The Last Few Weeks of Maternity Leave- What We’re Cramming in!

  1. Thank you for sharing all your adventures and fun, which will (of course) continue after you’re back at work. You’ll enjoy being the old you as well as continuing to be a joyful mother. That never stops, even when they are all grown up!! xx

  2. You will enjoy being back in adult company (mostly) although you will be with other children the time spent with Lewis will be even more special . He will enjoy his 2 days with nana lol he won’t tell you what mischeif he gets up too and he will miss you but the days will go in quickly once you get going.

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