#forMAMAandBABA Teething Necklaces Review

Baby D is constantly chewing on everything he gets his hands on. I recently met up with a friend who happened to be wearing a lovely teething necklace which Baby D took to immediately. She had said she’d found it in a lovely Instagram Shop for MAMA and BABA. I jumped at the chance to get something nice for me to wear and also something safe for Baby D to chew.


I was absolutely delighted when I seen the Mouse Ears option. I do love my Disney. Holly was fantastic and helped me design my own necklace, there was so many colours and options to choose from the hardest part was deciding which combo to go for.

baby- d- teething-necklace- for- mama- and- baba
Baby D Enjoying my Necklace

I finally decided on a lovely rainbow combination. The necklace arrived very quickly and in a lovely little package. The necklace looks fab but also has an easy snap lock so that when Baby D pulls too hard- which he does- I don’t end up strangled! It’s very sturdy and well put together, the beads are silicone so are totally safe for Baba to gnaw at. I Had been wearing it for a day when I ordered a second necklace in my favourite colours to go with my wardrobe.

Wearing my shades of blue necklace

Baby D loves to play with the necklaces and are especially handy when you’re waiting around or trying to distract a very grumpy baby. They come in lots of colours and are a fab sensory experience for Baby to feel, look at and of course chew on.

I can’t wait to try the other lovely things Holly has on offer, there are so many colours and varieties to choose from. She makes beautiful teethers, dummy clips, bangles and much more! Everything can be custom made and personalised which also makes a fabby gift for anyone who is expecting too!



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