Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After- The Story of Mummy & Daddy D.

Two years ago today I was staying at my folks house both bursting with excitement and worrying about pretty much everything. Tomorrow is our two-year wedding anniversary. I can’t believe how quick the time has gone. In just two years we now have the most wonderful little person in the world and are literally as happy as can be…most of the time!

We met while working in supermarket during our student years. Love at first sight it was not. Apparently I scowled and he tried to smile at me. I maintain I was looking right through him. Either way it was definitely not one of those movie moments. I liked him, I thought he was a nice guy (he is) and he apparently liked me too (always helpful). Of course true love in real life doesn’t happen like in films. We  had gradually gotten to know each other and eventually we were at the same party and got chatting properly…for hours.

Our First Holiday in France

The next day we arranged to go out together. I think to this day that may be the last time I ever let Andrew decide on the plans for the day, incidentally I do believe it was the last time he ever willingly wore a shirt on a date too. We had a lovely meal and then we walked from one end of Edinburgh to the other. My feet were literally blistered in every area imaginable.

When we willingly stayed up till 3am!

Not wanting to embark on yet another hike of the city I decided the next ”date” we would go to the cinema- absolutely zero chance of walking. On the 7th of May 2008 we had our first proper date – we went to see ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ and to this day we still reminisce every time the film is on. A mere five and a half years later Andrew got down on one knee (in a loch) and proposed.

Our first selfie the day we got engaged.

In between we have shared many ups and downs as most couples do. Mostly ups it has to be noted and most of the downs were things that we dealt with together. We have grown to know each other inside and out. I trust him completely and I know he trusts me. We don’t have secrets but we do still make time to try to have our own lives, we are both passionate about our careers, we make time to see our friends and also have our own hobbies and interests.

We have travelled to lots of different places together. Our favourites being New York City, Nice, Disneyland Paris, Rome and of course the North of Scotland. You can read about some of our adventures here.

We share a few hobbies. We love Whisky, only a dram here and there, ironically as much as we love whisky we are not big drinkers so the many bottles of whisky we have may never be finished .Before Baby D was born, we travelled to lots of different distilleries in Scotland and sampled local whiskies. When we visited Dublin together we tried some Irish whisky too. Of course me being an easy target I got ‘randomly’ selected to try to distinguish between blends and single malts. They were fairly shocked that I even knew the difference never mind the fact that I actually can taste different flavours and tones in whiskies.

We love animals and when we weren’t touring Whisky distilleries when we were younger we were visiting various zoos and animal parks. Our favourite’s include the Five SIsters in West Lothian,  the Highland Wildlife Park and The Bioparco in Rome. We have fed a whole range of animals together- lemurs, penguins, llamas, donkeys the list could go on. We had a lovely pet Netherland Dwarf Rabbit when we first moved in together. Sadly she passed away after a few months she was a lovely little thing but she was very old when we got her but she was a rescue pet so we didn’t know her real age until after she had died. We currently have three goldfish- Kevin, Dave and Bob- needless to say we love minions!

We argue and bicker about almost everything but for better or worse he is my Lobster, Baby D and I are very lucky to have such a sweet, caring and loving man in our lives! Here’s to our next adventure and hopefully next year my pretty diamond present to celebrate ten years of being together!








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