Playdates, Catch-Ups with Friends and a Crazy Baby who doesn’t want to be a Baby Anymore!- Joys of the Week

Keeping a small person entertained all day long is hard work, especially when said little person has decided he no longer wants to act like a baby but in fact will now just let go when cruising (even though he can’t walk yet) and will literally charge crawl at anything in his sights. However we have discovered that arranging playdates with other little people is a good way to amuse them for longer!

Baby D was very excited to be having a playdate with the Gorgeous Lola Rose!

Baby D’s first ‘Date’ was with a friend’s daughter, she is so happy, calm and fantastic at dealing with the hurricane that is Baby D. He genuinely loves little girls and will go straight for them in play groups and baby groups. However his way of getting their attention leaves much to be desired, he’s still a bit grabby, often reaching for the most inappropriate but hilarious places.

I offered to host knowing full well Baby D is very good at demolishing everything in his path. In an attempt to keep him calm I set up lots of sensory and heuristic activities, with a nice selection of books for good measure. Baby D’s friend played beautifully while Baby D clambered over everything giving it all a good bash here and there. They had some lovely moments, holding hands, a wee kiss and some hilarity while we tried to get a nice picture of the two of them.

It was lovely for me to have a nice chat with another new mummy. There is only two months between the two babies so there was lots to talk about (not compare) but sharing useful tips is always fabby with other mummies. It was also a great excuse to drink lots of tea and fill up on sweet treats.

The next of our playdates was with a lovely couple we met on honeymoon in Mexico, having travelled thousands of miles we managed to make friends with a couple who live a mere 40 minute drive away, what are the chances. For ease we decided to meet at soft play, our new safe haven where Baby D can hurl himself at things at 90 miles an hour and we don’t need to worry quite so much..

We had a lovely afternoon, the boys literally played until they dropped. We had lunch at the play cafe then to really tire the boys out we sent them out to play yet again. Safe to say Baby D had a very long nap on the way home. Mummy and Daddy both got some much needed grown up time in shifts. It was hilarious but amazing watching the men in the soft play maze with the boys, I think secretly they were having a ball.

We had a lovely lazy Sunday with friends at our house. We got to try out our lovely new dining table (my lovely relaxation corner is now gone and has been replaced with a very practical dining room table). We decided to make best use of having a table with some very tasty fajitas expertly cooked by Daddy D. Baby D was highly unamused with his carrot sticks when we were all tucking into our Mexican delights. Baby D was more than happy to spend the rest of te afternoon cruising about and climbing on everyone. Mummy and Daddy even managed a lovely glass of bubbles to end the weekend.

The last few days have once again been in the air with Mummy D having a viral infection and Baby D having the same viral infection and teething! At last one of his top teeth has popped through but the other one seems to be coming too. Poor Baby D is going through more bibs and vests than my washing machine can handle just now! Mummy has cheered herself up by spending a great deal of time finding lovely Instagram Mummy businesses to stock up on new things for Baby D.

Once again though Hurrah for grandparents. Baby D’s grandparents have been on hand once again to take Baby D for walks, give lots of love and hugs and inevitably mop up bodily spillages. They have also kept Mummy D sane and helped with the horrendous task of tackling the never-ending washing basket. Massive shout out to Daddy D too who has worked crazy hours at work and looked after Mummy and Baby D. Baby D is trying to be cheerful but is still having horrible teething pangs.

Daddy D Ran Mummy D a lovely Bath with Orange Juice, candles and a lovely Magazine!

Meanwhile while not in pain he is still our happy wee adventurous little beansprout! He is determined to get even MORE mobile. He can pull himself up and cruise along furniture, he now loves to stand and clap without holding on or play with his toys, he loves to take his Vtech walker for a stroll and will climb anything he can! He is turning into a mini version of Daddy D and we love it. He also loves posting shapes into his various shape sorters now. He is pretty good with a circle now! As always there is never a dull moment!

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  1. What a busy time you are having but all good fun! I can’t wait to see you both next month!! xx

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