Our Day of Culture- The Joys of Mummy and Baby Together Time

It started out like most Thursdays, a wee trip to the museum, we eventually boarded the third bus that came along (don’t get me started on getting a baby space on a bus, no I cannot fold it one handed whilst holding a baby and all the stuff said baby needs!) then made our merry way to the museum for our Magic Carpet Minis Session. A mere eight hours later Mummy and Baby D were boarding the bus home! Safe to say we had a mini adventure today…

We started with a wee play in Imagine at the museum- this is a fab sensory room for little ones, there’s musical instruments, fabby multi coloured lights, mirrors, sorting games, giant Lego, shadow puppets, bean bags and lots of interactive exhibits for them to explore. Baby D was off crawling, cruising and having a ball. As always he loved our Magic Carpet Minis session, it was a very intimate affair this week as there were a few no shows, I was that Mum letting my Baby crawl about and get up to all kinds of mischief- I did interfere if he got a bit over zealous!

Next we said a quick hello to Daddy and were off to John Lewis for Mummy to get her much-needed Free Cake and Tea! I will be forever debt to the lovely lady from John Lewis who spotted me trying to juggle a tray, buggy and a baby. She was over in an instant collecting me a cake, getting my drink ordered and even took my treats to a table for me! I am gutted I never got her name but she was a real credit to herself and John Lewis.

I then thought it would be a wonderful idea not to wake the finally napping baby for lunch and just see what happens, MISTAKE. We got halfway along the street and he was looking in desperate need of a feeding having gone at least an hour since his last snack. The boy sure can eat. We popped into the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. I had always fancied a browse as my Nana always used to rave about it and it seemed like a good place to feed a baby and have yet more tea! It is gorgeous inside. It was indeed an ideal place to top up on caffeine and feed Baby D. Again some more cracking service finding high chairs and tables etc. After Baby D was relieved of his starvation we had a lovely wander round the gallery. Baby D’s highlights being riding in the lift and wearing the headphones, he was so confused that there was a little man in the headphone.

Off out on our adventure again, as always when it looks like its turning into a nice day in Scotland you get a torrential downpour. We wandered in and out of shops along Rose Street and Princes Street. Baby D loved babbling and smiling to everyone he seen and Mummy loved not looking at toys, books and games aimed at babies for an afternoon! Mummy thought she’d really treat herself so popped into Lush for just one wee bathbomb. Mummy came out with two bathbombs for Baby D and nothing for herself. She was so excited when she seen the Ickle Baby Bot and Coco Butterball for Baby D she forgot to get herself one- not to worry as Daddy pointed out Mummy has lots of lovely things for the bath because she never gets time to have a bath!

It suddenly dawned on me as I was walking back along Princes Street Baby D hadn’t seen much of town so we had a wee wander round Princes Street Gardens. Baby D as per loved the trees. When Mummy pointed out a very funny duck running across the path Baby D sighed and continued to look at the trees.

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Alas Baby D fell asleep yet again for his last nap. Oh how time flies when you’re out and about. I popped into the National Galleries of Scotland in the hope that Baby D would wake up in time to see some lovely paintings. Nope he slept through the entire visit. I did find a lovely little Claude Monet Painting humbly hanging in the most unlikely of nooks. I also got Baby D a lovely keepsake book from the gift shop- ”An Autobiography of a Snake” the content is invariably beyond him but the colours are fab and in my opinion you can never be too young for books, art and music!

By the time we left the National Galleries of Scotland Daddy D had finished work so we walked up The Mound and along George IV Bridge to meet him! Oh but the day didn’t end there, Daddy treated Mummy to a yummy Civerinos and Baby D had his dinner Mummy had cleverly packed just in case. So finally after eight hours out and about Mummy, Daddy and Baby D boarded the bus home!

What a lovely and unexpected day we had! Baby D smiled and giggled for most of the day and Mummy loved being out of the house for a day! Once again Happy 9 Months Gorgeous Boy!!


3 thoughts on “Our Day of Culture- The Joys of Mummy and Baby Together Time

  1. What a fantastic day out – several weeks’ worth of activities packed into eight hours! The Magic Carpet sounds amazing – changed days from 23 years ago when the highlights were the fish in the entrance hallway and the stuffed animals!! I can’t wait to hear about your next adventure!!

    1. It was indeed although my feet are paying for it now. I’ve a busy weekend planned too so no time to put them up and relax. Busy is how we like it though! Xxx

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