Happy 9 Months Baby D- The Joys of Getting Big

Nine glorious months little man, we have realised you are not a wee baby any more so lets see what has gotten us here. You bring joy and happiness to everyone you meet and touch the lives of many through your adventures and pictures Mummy shares on her blog.

Month 1

Your Dad and I were delighted to finally meet you, despite your attempt at getting yourself stuck on the way out you made a wonderful appearance and we instantly fell in love with you. You then decided to make things more interesting by bringing up some glorious green goo, your Dad had to make a trip to the sick kids with you while I wore away the last of your Nana and Grandads nerves in HDU by insisting I get up and ready to meet you when you arrived back safely having been just a false alarm. When we eventually got discharged four days later we were a lovely little family of three.

Then we learned about the joys of a new baby. You were mostly delightful, you slept a lot, ate a lot and yep you gave us lots of dirty nappies. You cried sometimes at night because you had a sore tummy but by week three you were feeling better. On day 9 you attended your first wedding, you were the most handsome lad there. Until it was dinner time and you redecorated the three outfits we had brought for you. You also decided on day 9 that lying in a crib all day long was boring so you started playing with your play mat- you were hitting the toys like a wee pro. On day 18 you attended your second wedding, you were handsome but it was summer in Scotland that day so you only managed to wear a vest with a bow tie, you had style even in your underwear!

Month 2

You loved taking baths, actually you still do, you love water. It turns out we had a long summer the year you were born, it lasted a good few weeks. You were a hot baby – you get that from your Grandad. We couldn’t get you to wear much more than a vest, when you got too toasty you grumped like Daddy. However you weren’t too much like Daddy you smiled lots from day 29 and you haven’t really stopped that either.

You spent lots of time going for walks in your pram, you loved to be outside and even as a tiny baby you were watching everything that was going on around you. You also spent lots of time meeting friends and family. You gave lovely hugs! You still slept quite a lot, except when Mummy and Daddy were eating, you didn’t like to sleep then, you mostly cried.

Month 3

You started picking up your toys when you were just 8 weeks old. Now you love to throw them away or at us. You loved playing on your mat and would spend ages lying there looking at your books and toys. You started laughing too, you thought everyone was hilarious, especially when they made funny noises. You loved to kick your piano mat and got very excited when it made a noise.

You got realllly big, you were too big for the carrycot in our travel system, good job you had started sitting up, you loved the toddler seat you could see everything better and could really investigate what was going on. Mummy had a mild panic that your spine would crumble as the label said not suitable under six months, the health visitor decided the label was wrong and surprise surprise your spine is fine and you have been on the move for quite a while now! We also had to build the cot as you had outgrown your wee crib.

We started lots of Baby groups too, you loved to hear everyone singing and you watched the actions. You were quite good at holding things too!

Month 4

This was a very exciting month- we had  Our First Holiday, Aberfeldy, Scotland , your Naming Ceremony  , you tried your first foods and you had your first Halloween. You were quickly becoming interested in everything around you. You loved to put things- everything in your mouth.

You quite enjoyed tummy time, especially if you could do something fun like play with your toys or in the water.

Month 5

You started rolling! It really was the beginning of the end. You liked to explore and see what you could find. You liked to take your toys with you when you rolled, it saved you trying to roll to them! You loved to play with your toys on your mat. You liked grabbing at things especially your stacking cups. You started commando crawling too, you were very determined to get places.

You loved eating porridge and apples. Apple is still your favourite fruit!

You had your second holiday this month, we had lots of fun and you got to see real snow. You can read more about it here Christmas in November, The Barn, Killin, Scotland

Month 6

This was another big month- Christmas, New Year and your first proper illness. You started drinking from your sippy cup and decorating the floor with water. You loved going to baby groups and joined in with your own singing and shaking.You also loved to play the drums, you were very good. It turns out you quite like lots of music.

We celebrated your Nana and Grandad’s Ruby Wedding Anniversary, you loved being with family, especially when you were snuck some of the icing from the cake.

You loved sitting up and were becoming quite a pro, Mummy took a while to trust that you wouldn’t fall, another two months before Mummy finally relaxed. We even managed to make some Christmas gifts for you to give to people. Christmas Crafts with Baby D and Co.

On Christmas day you were a delight. You emptied your stocking with Mummy and Daddy in bed, you opened lots of presents with family- your favourite gifts being the paper- everyone got you your favourite gift! For Christmas Dinner you had a tray full of toys!

Month 7

You really enjoyed eating. Anything and everything. You loved lots of different meals but you wouldn’t eat bland food, you much preferred something with herbs and gentle spices. Your favourite was Pesto Chicken and Cheesy Pasta with Green veg. You started eating lots of yummy finger foods too.

To make life easier your two front teeth popped through too. Making chomping lots of fun.

Month 8

This was the month Mummy got serious about play and keeping you busy. You were crawling everywhere at speed and Mummy needed a way to get your energy and attention focused. You love to play so you were the perfect little partner in crime for Mummy. You played like a pro. Here are some of the things you like.

Discovery and Imaginative Play with Baby D

Creating a fun Space to Play for Babies that are on the Move

Spring Fun for Babies

Month 9

You are a hoot, I never realised someone so young could be so funny. You have a wicked sense of humour, you are generous with your smiles and giggles and you love playing tricks on Mummy and Daddy, you like to try to sneak things when we are not looking then scuttle away giggling when we realise!

You have been crawling for a wee while now so you have decided in true Baby D fashion that you are on to the next thing.  You love to climb and cruise (Mummy couldn’t believe it in the shop when you got cruising shoes, you moved round the furniture like a wee pro, occasionally getting a bit too confident and doing a one-handed wobble!) and will optimistically give anything a go.

You are a very determined little person and unlike many you persevere until you achieve your goal, even if it means having a full-blown tantrum or using brute force to get what you want.

You love books! You are like your Mummy you love a good page turner, especially if it’s a a lift the flap or a touchy feely book. You still love being outdoors. One of your favourite things in the world is trees!

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And now we begin month 10 my funny, loving and handsome little man. We can’t wait to see where the adventure takes us next!

Lots of Love and Hugs






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  1. It has been great fun sharing your lady 9 months with you love you to the moon and back x

  2. Oh my goodness – how can it be nine months already? What gorgeous memories of some of the most exciting and rewarding months of your life (so far). Thank you for sharing and reminding me/us of your journey! xx

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