Spring Fun for Babies

The flowers are starting to bloom, the days are longer and brighter and the birds, bees and other delightful wildlife are beginning to reappear. I love spring and now that I have my own little lamb to focus on. I am finding lots of fun Spring things for Baby D to explore with all his senses.

Nature Walks

There is a lovely nature walk near our house which Baby D loves, now that the trees are starting to bloom again he is even more interested in them. I love his wee face as he takes in different sights and smells. Now that Baby D is interesting in feeling everything we have started letting him gently feel flowers and leaves. He also loves a wee hug with a tree, he is definitely going to be a nature enthusiast when he is older.

Spring in a Bottle

Baby D and I love sensory bottles. They’re super easy to do and you can let baby loose with things they can’t normally get too near. This one was a dry one because it was a large bottle and Baby D is getting a bit rowdy with heavy things.

The contents included:

  • Feathers – white and yellow
  • Seeds
  • Art Straws – pink and green (cut into small bits)
  • Paper Butterflies
  • Artificial Flowers
  • Cloudy Wool (fantastic find it literally looks like clouds) – stuck to the lid of the bottle to dangle in the bottle
  • Sequins- green

To decorate the outside:

  • Foam lettering spelling the word SPRING
  • Flower stickers
  • Love heart stickers
  • Yellow Tissue Paper to wrap round the top of the bottle- sticky tape to wrap round the tissue paper to water proof (drool proof)

A Wee Dip in the Pond

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Again this is another simple but fun thing for babies. You fill whatever size container you are comfortable with, for me I opted for one that Baby D could reach into but not too deep. I put some petals and stems in to give it an interesting smell, then put in some lily pads cut out from foam and pinched Baby D’s bath frog. (Bath toys are so versatile, they’re a good teething toy too!)

Spring Shaker

This was a great addition to the Spring Treasure Tray. Again another simple homemade shaker which Baby D loved. We simply filled it, glued the lid and let the wee man shake away.

The contents:

  • Pastel Coloured Buttons and Beads
  • Flower and Leaf Confetti
  • Material Butterflies
  • Jewel Flowers
  • Long Grain Rice

A Digging Good Time

Another fun activity. You could do this with soil but for now we stuck with cereal. We started with a little tub of cereal with a rake, spade and little stacking cups in a tub. Baby D decided instantly to tip it over his Tuff Tray. I gave him a few extra bits and bobs. He was quite happy playing for ages. He loves messy play and you can see him smelling, tasting, feeling and listening, he really does use all his senses.

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It’s a Puppet

This was simply a case of digging out the baby animal puppets and singing lots of spring songs with Baby D. You could easily make your own finger puppets with card and permanent markers.  Some of our favourite spring songs are ‘Spring Chicken’ , ‘Hop Little Bunnies’ and ‘Five little Ducks’.

Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles

Now that the weather is finally starting to change we are trying to get outside as much as possible.Going into the Garden with Baby D and some bubbles is a really easy way to get out of the house for a bit. Blowing bubbles outside also allows Baby D to experience the effects of the wind too.


Easter Basket 

This again is something which you will want to supervise closely. I filled it with lots of typical Easter things and some baby versions too- an egg shaker, Easter board book, play scarves, finger puppets and rattle toys.

 Spring Treasure Tray

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This is again a lovely sensory activity for babies big and small. I filled my tray with:

  • SPRING sensory lettering
  • A spring green bumpy ball.
  • A Rainbow Windmill
  • A bunny Rabbit
  • The Spring Shaker
  • A Lamb Toy
  • Some Wooden Tulips
  • A Frog
  • The Spring Sensory Bottle

Baby D went straight for the homemade toys then methodically worked his way through the contents of the box. He loves to feel, bang and taste everything in the tub. I think his favourite is still the spring shaker.

This is not an exhaustive list there are lots of other fun spring themed activities for babies, these are some that we’ve enjoyed. What do you enjoy doing with your wee ones during spring?








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    1. Thank you it’s all stuff Baby D loves so thought I’d share. Hope your wee one enjoys the pond! Xx

  1. What brilliant ideas we love a bit of water play and have been doing splashing in the garden when it was warmer the other day! I should get some eggs in to play with really! ‪Thank you for linking up to the #familyfunlinky‬

    1. Thank you again for having me! Since your wee man’s a bit older you could always decorate a hard boiled egg too or use the shells to grow some cress eggs! X

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