Happy Birthday Grandad

Dad we have always shared many things, our love of music, sense of humour and of course our birthday. What a present you got that year! I know I am a bit of a Daddy’s girl at times so here are some lovely memories with you that I’d like to share.

The Little Things

Dad you know it really is the little things in life that make the biggest difference, from bringing me endless cups of tea during my studies to always feeding us a yummy tea. You made the twenty-four years we lived together amazing and I have some wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. I remember having baths that you’d run to perfection, a glass of milk and of course the Alexander Brothers or some other Scottish music blaring out the tape player!

Days Out

We love a family day out. Growing up I always remember having lots of family days out but we done lots just the two of us. You and Mum have always worked super hard to ensure my brother and I always had everything we needed and more. You both worked shifts so I got special time with both of you. I remember going to the circus,  swimming, the cinema and lots more. Looking back I can’t believe you sat wearing a Harry Potter scarf, glasses and wand with me in the cinema, you always puts others first! I have to say the one thing I always remember  is that you always packed a good snack for our adventures too!


Again we were really lucky you always managed to take us on nice holidays. Although much to Mum’s delight Sunny Blackpool is still a firm favourite for us both. Whether it’s the nostalgia, the beautiful blustery weather or the Pleasure Beach it still holds a warm place in my heart! We did manage some pretty tropical holidays too. We love the sun too and can always be found in the pool getting the best rays!

My Wedding Day

This was magical and emotional all at the same time. I loved sharing the ride to the venue with you (And a full bottle of champagne, well done us for doing the math on that one). I couldn’t have walked down the aisle with anyone else and felt so happy but sad at the same time- the end of an era. (It isn’t, nothing has changed). Sharing a dram of whisky during the ceremony as part of a Scottish good luck tradition. And our wonderful Father and Daughter dance, an American tradition I just loved and had to use, we danced to Butterfly Kisses.

The Day Baby D was Born

You drove us to the hospital at 4.30am, stayed the duration then you were one of the first people to hold the wee man! It’s easy to see how you have such a strong bond, you are best of buddies and when you are together you are literally double trouble!

Baby D’s Naming Ceremony

You fed Baby D before the ceremony, kept him smiling throughout the day and gave him cuddles when things were getting a bit much. While I was running around crazily trying to ensure everything was organised Grandad kept calm and looked after Baby D. You were a big part of the ceremony too through the grandparent promises and sand ceremony.

I could go on but for now Happy Birthday Daddy I love sharing our Special Day each year! You even let me choose a Spot the Dog cake for your 40th Birthday Party!







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  1. What a lovely tribute to your wonderful dad – so many happy memories. He’s lucky to have you too!! xx

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