Baby Picasso at Work- The Joys of Painting with a Baby

He tries to eat the paint, he will cover everything in paint but most importantly he  loves painting.I kind of love chaos and we bought safe non toxic paint so I wasn’t really phased by the idea of painting with a baby, the Hubby was a bit more reserved but we get there between us. It does help when your best friend is ace with babies, she started Baby D on his artistic adventures!

A Few Samples of Baby D’s Work

Little Footprints

We first tried painting with Baby D when he was six weeks old, he literally had no clue what was going on but he loved the feel of the paint between his toes. For Baby D’s Naming ceremony (Read more about Planning the Day and The Ceremony Here) we created our own baby bunting using Baby D’s footprints. We had tried handprints but he was still not up for opening his hands very much at that point!

It was actually really simple to do, we painted Baby D’s actual feet then pressed them gently onto lots of pre-cut bunting. All we had to do was then string it up and it looked amazing!

Tiny Feet Bunting

Tummy Time Painting

Baby D Making his Christmas Presents

The next time we tried painting we were a wee bit more sensible, we done some tummy time painting using blobs of paint and a clear film on top. Again this was really simple to do, cling film didn’t stand a chance against Baby D’s grabby fingers but a Polly Pocket worked perfectly. Doing it this way meant Baby D could enjoy the feeling of the paint on his fingers without the mess and worry (mine) about eating the paint.

Christmas Art

We then Cut round the blobs of paint to create Christmas pictures and added a few details with googly eyes and a permanent marker. The effects are fab and you could easily repeat for lots of different themes and pictures. You can read more about our Christmas Crafts Here.

Hand Print Art

We used Baby D’s hand as a giant stamper to make Grandad D a Happy Birthday Fish. It turned out fab if I do say so myself. We then painted some seaweed, added a little message in a bottle, a fish-hook and of course a googly eye (no baby painting is complete without a googly eye). Add some scrabble tiles (cliché I know), a catchy phrase,a box frame and you’ve made a lovely personalised birthday gift!

This idea again could be used to make any picture, it’s fun to get creative!

If you have any other ideas for painting with babies I would love to hear them. Baby D loves a challenge!

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18 thoughts on “Baby Picasso at Work- The Joys of Painting with a Baby

    1. We are loving it while he is (just) putting up with all our crazy stamping, mostly for gifts here and there! xx

    1. He is indeed, it’s funny the bits we add he studies intently so that we don’t spoil his work. X

    1. He’s not too bad it’s so easy to wipe him down he’s very cooperative. Thanks for reading! Xx

  1. I love painting with my daughter. She’s two and a half now but we’ve been painting with her since she was a few months old. She loves it. She especially loves painting her hands and making pictures. The fish picture is brilliant #FamilyFun

    1. Yeh we thought the earlier the better. In my job I’m used to 30 kids painting at a time so one isn’t really too tricky 🙂 Thanks for reading. Xxx

  2. My daughter loves painting and at 2.5 it’s pretty easy to do with her. My boy however is 1.5 and he, like yours, jusgblikea to eat it and paint the room, which is a bit scary. I love the cling film idea though. I have seen it a few times and always think I mjsg try it! You’ve also made some brilliant paintings. Love the hooked on grandad! That would be very apt for my two! Thanks for sharing at #familyfun x

    1. I love a bit of chaos. Going to pop him in the highchair soon and try finger painting he likes painting with his food haha! Xxx

    1. It’s surprisingly easy to do too. If you have another sheet of paper you can take a print from the poly pocket when you peel it back. Xxx

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