Life with Our Little Adventurer

I have not been on top of the blog for the last few weeks as Baby D has decided to check off half his Wee Red Book in the space of about a week. He has started crawling- far too efficiently, he can sit himself up and he is now pulling himself up on everything to stand. It’s like he’s decided now that he’s eight months he is no longer a baby. He has also got his two front teeth which is making weaning lots more fun too!

Two Tiny Teeth

Baby D has got lots more energy and takes less naps so the days are becoming quite interesting. He is such a happy-go-lucky baby. He very rarely cries and when he does he usually has a good reason. The only part of this stage I’m finding hard is the constant bumps and tumbles but he is quite a determined wee guy and perseveres until he manages to do what he’s trying to do.

A Whole New World

Hmm what’s this Mummy has been hiding?

It would seem the days of putting Baby D down with a few toys or activities to complete are long gone. I spend ages setting up lovely sensory trays or discovery baskets and he would much rather crawl off to another room and pat a wall.

We have been trying to get a bit more creative with his play and I have spent half my evenings on Pinterest looking for ideas and activities to keep Baby D amused. I also spent a while perusing Amazon, I came across an emergency foil blanket for £1. One of the best pounds I have spent on Baby D. He absolutely loves it and will play with it for a good while before getting bored!

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He does love going into his room and getting to choose his own toys now. I’m impressed at the variety of things he will play with, books are always a favourite as are toys he can pull himself up on. We are now planning on making his books more accessible so that he can choose his favourites easier. Slowly but surely his room is becoming his own space for him to learn to become independent.

We have had to move on to yet another phase of Baby proofing, it would seem nothing is safe anymore. On the plus side I may finally start losing the baby weight now that I spend most of my time chasing him round the house.

He is definitely enjoying exploring his new surroundings. He is getting very fast. He loves a challenge so I’ve started making him little obstacle courses with pillows and cushions. He mostly loves giving the cushions a hug but we will get there.

Spot the Baby

He also dabbles in a bit of demolition. I spend half my days building towers using various blocks and cups for him to excitedly scramble over and knock every last bit down. He gets very excited once he’s knocked everything over. I’d say he’s definitely going to be mischievous like his Daddy! He now loves soft play and crawls over to other babies to say hello. It’s so nice to see that he’s engaging more with his surroundings and people in them.

I’ll just go and get that last brick!

Just Keep Swimming

We have finally managed to take Baby D swimming. After our plans got thrown out when he got bronchilitus I thought we were never going to get there but we did and it would seem we haven’t left it too late. Baby D was a bit apprehensive at first but after about fifteen minutes in his little donut he started to relax. By the time we got him out of the pool he was splashing, kicking his legs behind him and surfing using a float.

We are going to try to keep up the swimming but it’s so hard. Luckily Baby D wasn’t screaming like most of the other babies getting changed. He sat quite happily in the high chair whilst we got organised each time. I hope the novelty doesn’t wear off too soon!

But what about lunch?

The boy still loves his food. He’s not much a fan of being fed now. We are starting to mash rather than puree his food which means we can give him the spoon a lot easier. He is getting good at picking up a loaded spoon and finding his mouth. He’s not much a fan of giving you the spoon back to refill but he’s getting there. He loves finger foods and even managed a wee half pancake on Pancake Tuesday.

Enjoying his Pancake at Playgroup

 Our Trio’s down to Two

Baby D had his very first overnight away from us last week too! He spent the night at Nonna and Grandad’s. I was actually mostly fine until bedtime, then lying beside the empty cot I was a bit emotional. However sleeping in and having breakfast in bed on the Sunday was delightful. The hubby and I had a meal followed by a few films in bed, it was lovely being together for a night but we were delighted to get our little monkey back in the morning.

Breakfast in Bed

Dancin a Catchy Rhythm

Baby D has definitely got music in his bones. He absolutely loves it. When a song comes on that he likes he will ‘dance’ or tap his feet to the beat. Much to Daddy’s delight the talking heads are his current favourite but he does still like the classics- The Grand old Duke of York and What Shall we do with a Bouncing Baby.

He is also loving exploring his instrument box. We have a good mix of ‘Baby’ instruments, real instruments and homemade instruments. His current favourites are his bottle of pasta, the tambourine and his baby keyboard.








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  1. What a huge difference a short time can make! It is always so exciting when they do something new and then that becomes ordinary and something else takes its place. You are certainly enjoying each other. I’m delighted that his first solo sleepover was such a success. x

    1. I know it’s crazy how he seems to stay static for a bit then suddenly he will do lots of things at once. xxx

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