UPPAbaby Vista- Review

Choosing a Pram or nowadays ‘travel system’ was one of the biggest purchases we had to make for Baby D aside from the Nursery Furniture. The tricky part is you have to buy it without really realising what is important in transport for babies.

Looking Good at a Family Wedding 18 Days Old!

However we endeavoured to plod on, I done what could probably mount up to a PHD worth of research and we took along both sets of grandparents and my best friend just to be sure. Four different visits to be extra sure! I decided to write this review partly because I want to share our experience but also it is worth sharing a few things to consider that you may not think of when purchasing a travel system.

We chose the UPPAbaby Vista, it was fairly similar to a lot of others on the market in our price range but the main selling point for us was the fact that it can easily be converted to a twin if necessary. Eight months on and we couldn’t care less about that feature, but we are still very happy with our purchase.

The Base

Grandad Pushing Baby D in the Enchanted Forest! NOTE: ginormous Basket Underneath

The wheels are large which is fab because no matter what baby is in he has a smooth ride. The travel system is fairly bulky which is tricky if you have a small car, however the back wheels come off really easily which is a handy feature. The other difficulty with a bulky system is the width, shops as we’ve found out aren’t very buggy friendly and the extra width of this system make it even trickier, it is narrow at the front but wide at the back. There is also a ginormous basket underneath which can hold a lot! The mechanism for putting the buggy up and down is really easy to use but not one-handed.

The Carrycot

Day 10: A wee walk with our wee man

The Carrycot didn’t last very long, in fact your baby would need to be on the 10th percentile to still fit in it at six months. However I chatted it over with our health visitor and because Baby D was sitting up supported fairly early he was fine to go into the Rumble seat by three months. However if you have a big baby you will struggle to keep them in the carrycot until they are six months as recommended.

Week 7 Getting a bit snug!

The carrycot itself is really easy to attach and take off, perfect for our upper villa. You can go for a walk and not disturb baby when you get home if they are still sleeping. The carrycot comes with a really good mattress and is vented underneath so baby can sleep in the carrycot overnight if you are away from home which is a very handy feature.

The Toddler Seat

Baby D loves going in his buggy so I’m guessing it’s a fairly comfy ride. He’s been in the rumble seat since he was about three months old. It can sit up pretty straight but also be tipped back when baby falls asleep. It can also face both ways, Baby D loves facing out when we go on nature walks but prefers to babble to us when we are shopping. Again it is a really versatile system.

Car Seat Compatibility

Seems happy enough in the car seat!

We bought the Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus car seat complete with the isofix base. The isofix base is pricey but well worth it for us, it is so easy getting the car seat in and out of the car. The car seat fits on the wheels too which is great but I find it tricky getting on and off the wheels, the hubby being stronger than I am can do it no problem. The system as a whole is quite heavy so I find it hard getting in and out of the car in general but it is well worth it to have a comfy and sturdy ride for Baby D.

The Cosy Toes

Nice and Snug in the Snowy Scottish Hills

We opted to buy the UPPAbaby  Baby Ganoosh it was pricey again but I’m glad we did. It looks good and it is definitely cosy for Baby D. We have used it in the north of Scotland in the snow and he is still nice and toasty when we take him out the buggy.

Key Features

  • Both the Carrycot and Toddler Seat have inbuilt sunshades.
  • Both the Carrycot and Toddler Seat come with Raincovers and Insect Nets.
  • Car Seat Adapters are included.
  • Handle height is easily adjustable.
  • Can be rearward and forward facing.
  • Can be converted into twin buggy easily.
  • Very Large Basket – Up to 5kg.

In Summary

Pros- Well built, sturdy and versatile

Cons- Heavy, wide and upper end of budget

*This review was written based on a purchase we made, I was not asked to write this for UPPAbaby, all views are my own honest opinion.