Family Time, Coughs, Date Night, and A wee Day Out- Joys of the Week 7

Another fun-filled week with Baby D. Funnily enough after managing all our Baby Groups last week we managed none this week due to the unpredictability of life with a Baby!

Family Fun

We started the week with a lovely Family Sunday in Lauder with Daddy D’s family. We have a lovely tradition of meeting as an entire family every month or every couple of months. It’s so nice for Baby D to see all his extended family so often but for a wee person it can sometimes be a bit daunting. He started well this week he was full of beans and giggles however as the day went on he got a bit past his best.

We called it a day and headed home only to find he wasn’t just tired, once again Baby D has a wee cold and a cough. He’s much better than he was last time and a wee trip to the pharmacy has sorted us out with some nose drops, baby paracetamol and teething gel (also driving us all a bit mad at the minute) and some Baby Tixylix hopefully he will be back on top form soon. He’s also still on his normal food and milk and is mostly a cheery wee guy so we are far less stressed this time!

Pampering and Date Night

I was absolutely delighted when I finally managed to get booked in to get my haircut. It’s amazing what you take for granted when you don’t have a baby. I had a glorious hour of getting my hair washed, cut and dried while Baby D had a lovely afternoon with his Nana and Grandad.

Never to waste a good hair day Daddy D and I also managed to get out and use one of our very thoughtful Christmas gifts from my brother and his family. We had a lovely meal for two with a bottle of fizz. It felt like we were teenagers again. We love Baby D more than anything but it was so much fun to giggle about silly things and not really think to hard about anything for a few hours, plus we got to enjoy delicious (hot) food!

To put a cherry on a beautifully iced cake I even managed to paint my nails, not smudge them and add a layer of glitter! I’ve literally not painted my nails once since Baby D was born and I’ve not had them done since we got married. Again it’s amazing how the things you normally take for granted make you feel when you manage them with a baby.

The Wonderful World of Weaning and #VegforVictory

Ella's kitchen #vegforvictory competition prize

Baby D received his competition prize from Ella’s Kitchen this week too. We captured lots of pictures of Baby D enjoying his veggies and the picture of him enjoying his Supergreens Cheese and Chive Pasta with us was a winner! We never win anything so we were delighted when we won a #vegforvictory prize as part of the #tescobabyevent ran jointly with Ella’s Kitchen. The box had lots of exciting things for Baby D to try, complete with a lovely Veggin Out Ella’s Kitchen Vest and The Purple First Tastes Ella’s Kitchen Cookbook.

He loves Ella’s kitchen and everything I have made from their cookbooks has been a success with him. The fab thing about the recipes is that they are tasty for the whole family. His favourite is still Veggie Cous Cous. He absolutely loved the Vanilla and Banana Bread Pudding for dessert but Daddy D just had to help him finish it. The Puffy Melts are perfect for his little fingers to grasp, he loves to lick all the delicious flavour off first then works on eating them.

Additionally Baby has decided it’s his spoon and we are not to touch his spoon. He can get his spoon to his mouth perfectly almost every time so we are going to try scooping next, the joys and the mess. Daddy D has surprised me yet again, for being someone who constantly leaves things everywhere I’ve discovered he can’t really cope with baby mess.I can’t wait to see him when Baby D is let loose with his food entirely. He is still doing well with the finger foods even though he insists on taking bigger bites than me he does at least chew everything well before he tries to swallow it.

A Happy Ending

To end a topsy-turvy week Daddy D took a holiday from work and we had a nice wee family outing. We had a Lovely outing to Deep Sea World. Read more about our outing here.Our highlights were Baby D listening intently to a snake talk and getting nice and close to a lovely little corn snake, watching the seal feeding and walking through the shark tunnel with Baby D in awe. Baby D’s highlights were Lunch, Getting a Fish Balloon(The hardest thing in the world to transport home along a motorway) and attacking a shark bin! Oh the joys of a baby.






4 thoughts on “Family Time, Coughs, Date Night, and A wee Day Out- Joys of the Week 7

  1. Busy family parents need some adult time on a regular basis and aw couple of hours without baby is very healthy for all

  2. I’m delighted that you had such an enjoyable time on your own and with Daddy D, while young man and the grandparents enjoyed each other. (Looking good, Mrs D!).

    1. Thanks lovely. I’m appreciating the time we spend together so much now that we don’t get it all that often! xxx

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