The Joys of Baby TV

A nice hot cup of tea, feet up and relax in front of the TV… said literally no Mum ever. A quick swig of disgustingly cold and bitter tea, whilst chasing the snot covered baby with Mr Tumble blaring in the background.

I know there is a lot of debate about letting babies watch tv but in my opinion everything in moderation. He doesn’t get it all the time or for long periods at a time, we will literally go for days without turning the tv on but at seven months his time in front of Cbeebies has added up. I now know the words to almost all the shows, the hubby and I have a habit of singing our own parody songs when Baby D is in bed.

Enjoying some Iggle Piggle Before Bed, I can only imagine the dreams!

I have learned that there are some shows I can watch and there are literally some that make my blood boil, some for the silliest of reasons and others are just plain annoying. It would have to be that Baby D’s favourites just happen to be the shows that drive Mummy D insane.

For a start Bing – why does he demand everything to be done for him, everything is a Bing thing- newsflash no it’s not, not everything Bing Bunny does is exclusively a Bing thing! Needless to say Baby D loves Bing!

Secondly Mr Tumble, it’s a great show with lots of good things for babies but my oh my I just can’t deal with it at that time of the morning! I have never seen anyone smile as much in my entire life and I’m a happy person!

Baby D Loves his Mr Tumble and will spend ages babbling away to him!

Then there’s the age-old Teletubbies, he will giggle constantly at that show. I actually don’t mind it too much for the nostalgia alone. However Baby Teletubies…really?

Also how has Postman Pat still got a job? I don’t think the man has ever delivered a parcel on time or without losing every bit of it on the way to deliver it! You would think with his own plane, helicopter and boat and many other ”postal vehicles” he would manage one parcel!

Finally Hey Duggee, Baby D literally couldn’t care less about it but the Hubby is obsessed with it. I actually bought him a Duggee and activity book for Christmas. If that show is on neither Baby D nor I have a look in with Daddy D.

Daddy on Christmas Day with his Duggee having a ”Duggee Hug”






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