Joys of the Week(s) #6

I am so happy to finally be back on the blog, it feels like a lifetime has passed. The last few weeks have been chaotic to say the least. I will try to condense them into just one post so apologies if this turns into a big one!

Seven Months of Joy

I still can’t believe how fast my Baby is growing up, little own the fact that he is already seven months old. He can do so much and he never fails to amaze me every day by doing something new. He can now sit up, roll/bulldoze/crawl, wave, clap his hands, and eat finger foods. The list could go on.When we were at the museum  I showed him how to hit the xylophone with the beater and he copied me. I literally couldn’t believe my eyes. It seems too silly to get so excited about Baby D being able to do what every baby can do but it’s watching him working things out that is so thrilling. It’s amazing watching his thought process and all the wee expressions on his face as he does so!

All of those things don’t compare to his amazing personality. He is so content, happy and affectionate. He has the most infectious laugh although recently he spends most of his time laughing at the mayhem he has caused. He loves to play ‘Mummy fetch all the toys I just threw at you’ and ‘I can spray more raspberries than you’. He is literally a delight to be around and of course no day is complete without lots of kisses and cuddles!

Well Done Daddy

Daddy D passed his professional accounting exam from before Christmas. We were so pleased for him we made a bit of a party, decorated a cake and of course filled the house with balloons. Baby D even sported a lovely blue balloon on his walker to celebrate. Baby D loved the celebrations.

Get Well Soon Daddy

The following week Daddy went in to hospital for his heart procedure. He had a catheter ablation  to cure his SVT (A very long name which basically means he had fast heart rhythm attacks which mostly occurred during sport). As usual with our family nothing is ever straightforward. When the procedure was done it appeared instead of having one extra pathway in the heart causing the attacks, Daddy D had multiple extra pathways so we need to wait and see if the procedure has been successful or if he will need to go back on his medication to reduce the attacks.

Aside from the joy of finding multiple extra pathways the procedure went well with no other complications. Five hours after having his procedure he was discharged to nurse Mummy D! The recovery at home was fun, Daddy D as usual found it very difficult to take things easy and sit still so Mummy spent most of the week trying to get Daddy D and Baby D to nap!

Foody Fun

We have progressed on our weaning journey. Baby D now eats three meals a day and has started trying yummy snacks. He loves porridge with fruit in the morning and has tried more interesting dishes than I have with delight. His current favourites are veggie cous cous, spag bol and pesto chicken! He loves his melty puffs and banana wafers (big surprise there with the bananas). We are going to start him on well cooked veg sticks soon. He loves having a go with a spoon and always seems to find his mouth!

Groups, Groups, Groups

This week we managed all three groups, hurrah we have been slowly building up to full swing. We started the week at playgroup which Baby D loved. I can’t believe the difference from before Christmas. Being able to sit up really helps too he is also fairly quick at getting around between rolling and crawling (backwards mostly with a few forward lunges)

We then managed our Bookbugs Baby Rhyme Time. Baby D loves songs and instruments so this group is still a firm favourite. At one point he was shaking bells, a maraca and ”singing” merrily. He then stood at the book box and picked his own book which he refused to leave so we had to check it out, even though we still have eleventy billion books in our house he enjoys terrorising.

Shaking it at Bookbugs Baby Ryhme Time

Finally we made it to our Magic Carpet Minis. As usual it was a lovely well planned session. Baby D particularly enjoyed the star puppets from Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. It was the first time I have ever woken Baby D from a nap to do anything and to my delight he woke up bright eyed and full of smiles. I wouldn’t normally wake him up but I’d have hated him to miss his session. He also loved the free play session at the end and rummaged in the basket until he had pretty much taken everything out of it one by one.

I am the Music Baby…

A Scrambling Good Time

We decided to brave soft play this week at Scrambles in the EIC. Safe to say Baby D loves soft play. He loved exploring the new setting and toys. He even enjoyed a wee look at the big boys and girls soft play although by that point Daddy D was starting to get a wee bit overwhelmed. I managed to survive the entire experience only standing in a questionable wet liquid once. We completed our visit with a wee trip to the Rock Tots Cafe in which Baby D had a wee go in a bouncy castle and on a see saw. All in all a very successful first trip to soft play to round off a lovely week!

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