Joys of the Week #5

This week has seemed like so much longer than a week we have crammed so much in, additionally with the post holidays haze I still have no idea what day it is or what I should be doing. Hopefully as we get back into the routine I’ll get my head straight again.

Baby on the Mend

Smiles and Giggles with Mummy

First of all I’d like to say thank you for all the kind wishes for Baby D. He’s well on the mend now, his wheeze has massively reduced and he’s coughing a lot less frequently. He’s bounced back to the smiley, cheery wee man we all know and love.

Baby D and Aunty Kayla

To start the week we had a lovely catch up with a friend from Uni. Baby D enjoyed showing off and playing. It’s so nice to see him interacting with people so much now and having a right wee giggle at things.

Happy 90th Bisnonna

On Sunday We celebrated Baby D’s Bisnonna’s 90th Birthday which was an amazing event for all involved. We had a lovely lunch at La Favorita, an Italian restaurant for an Italian lady. There was so much lovely food and lots of fun and conversations. Baby D had the best highchair it was a wee chair that attached to existing seats. He loved being so close to all the action- a wee bit too much at times, he managed to attack everything that was put down.

Back to Reality

We decided to give our groups one more week before we return to be sure Baby D is well and not contagious. We’ve had lots to be doing and occupying our time with.

I took Baby D to be weighed, he’s not lost any weight surprisingly with being so ill but he hasn’t gained much either. Hopefully as we get back on track with weaning and resume normal feeding he’ll get back to where he was. He loves food and will try anything you give him. There has literally been nothing he’s refused. A firm favourite is still banana!

I think you’ll find this is my bottle Mummy!

The wee man has also decided that he will hold his own bottle now and if we try to help we either get swatted away or squealed at. It’s amazing watching him become independent but at the same time things are now taking a billion times longer to do, good job we are never in any real hurry!

I spent a lot of time doing boring but necessary stuff this week. I managed to sort through all Baby D’s clothes so now he has things that fit him in his drawers and wardrobe and all the stuff that’s too wee is ready to go to the loft.

I also done another keeping in touch day at work. I valued the grown up time and spending time with friends. I was however so happy to go home to Baby D and see his cheery wee face. Being away from him just for one day made me appreciate him all the more. I also appreciated getting my own space for a bit and being able to eat and wee in peace.

Out with the Old in with the New

I had a massive shopping spree with my folks and Baby D. I normally can’t stand shopping but when you literally have nothing that fits you need to go shopping. It’s quite funny, I got loads of lovely things that look nice and fit well which has encouraged me to get active and start getting back into healthy living. I was doing so well, I’d lost half a pound in three days however tea tonight was a Chinese takeout. However I had a fairly sensible portion so here’s hoping.


As I always like to be learning something I’ve enrolled in another OpenLearn course ‘The Digital Scholar’ done through the Open University. Part of the course is to Blog about our experiences on the course so I will be doing a few #dscholar posts as I complete each week. The first week was a great introduction and the geek in me was very happy when I got 93% on my first quiz!

As part of the clearing process this week I have also refreshed my Blog and the logo actually features some Joys I have had with Baby D. I am getting better with technology but I realise I still have a long way to go. For now I’ll enjoy my little successes.

Next Week

Joys of the Week #6 will return next Friday. I had planned to post this weeks on Thursday but life got in the way and it’s Friday night. We’ll go with Fridays!




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  1. I’m delighted to hear that Baby D has recovered and now back to normal. You’ve had lots of fun this week!!

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