Joys of the Week #4

First of all let me say a very Happy New Year. I have to say this week has definitely had it’s fair share of ups and downs however we’ve made it through another week, onwards and upwards for us.

Happy 6 Months Baby Boy!

I cannot believe my wee baby is already six months old. I’m not one for obsessing over milestones but the wee man amazes me everyday with all the things he can already do.He can already sit pretty much on his own, hold his sippy cup and is the best little babbler when you want to have a blether. He is also the smiliest and giggliest baby I know but maybe I’m just biased.

This week he literally melted my heart when he said Mummy, I’d say for a first word it’s not bad. He likes to say it in the middle of the night now too just for fun! It’s so cute hearing him properly babbling now with the odd Mummy in there too!

He also decided he’d had enough of sitting this week too, during a facetime to my folks he was sat in my lap facing the camera when he put his feet down and pushed up, I of course kept my hands round his waist just incase but he’s done it a few times since so I’d say it’s not a fluke. He loves to roll around the floor and can pivot and then pretty much bulldoze to where he wants to be!

Bronchiolitus, Colds and Other Germs!

This year saw us take in our first new year as a family of three. Our plans were almost opposite to what we had in mind. At 10.20pm we were sat in NHS Out of Hours with a poorly Baby D only to be sent away being told he had the start of a cold. We managed to get home for the bells and Baby D enjoyed a wee toast (water) with us before we put him to bed.

We had planned to spend Hogmanay at my brothers with his family and my parents but unfortunately our youngest niece had to be taken into hospital for a few nights with a horrible bout of bronchiolitus. Hopefully we can celebrate as a family soon once everyone is back to full health.

On New Years Day we spent the day with my folks, oldest niece and nephews. We had a fairly relaxed day playing games and Baby D was entertained by all his visitors.

Staying Upbeat!

By the next morning we still weren’t happy with Baby D he was wheezy, coughing and completely out of sorts. Back to NHS Out of Hours. This time we were sent away with a diagnosis of bronchiolitus being told to keep a close eye on him, his symptoms didn’t merit a visit to the Sick Kids just yet, his oxygen levels were a wee bit lower than normal and he was crackly and wheezy but he was still eating some of his food and as always he was smiling through the ordeal.

We had a few fairly sleepless nights but thankfully Baby D seems to be on the mend, even though the Hubby and I are now completely floored and the Hubby has not  made it back to work yet due to his ongoing fever and flu! Joys of the week indeed!

I have to say again I can’t believe how well Baby D has coped, even when he has had bad coughing fits he keeps smiling and doesn’t let it get him down. He is full of beans and still wanting to play, we have dialled it right down this week by keeping things simple with quiet toys and books to entertain Baby D. He has also watched more CBeebies this week than he has in his entire life but never mind it’s not every week!

Hurrah for Grandparents

This week has not been easy but between my folks and the hubby’s folks we’ve managed to keep our sanity and stay strong enough for Baby D. Baby D is very lucky to have all his grandparents just a wee drive away.

They have made sure we are eating by bringing us food or cooking for us, looked after Baby D so that we can curl up and relax for a while, cleaned, helped with washing and ironed for us. They have been amazing at making sure Baby D’s spirits have stayed up, he can’t help but smile when he’s around them!

Tuff Spot Fun

So we’ve managed to end the week with Baby D getting better however the start of the week was Brilliant. Baby D’s Aunty and Uncle gifted him a Tuff Spot for Christmas. Baby D loves sensory play and I was just getting into the swing of exploring different activities using the tough spot when Baby D got sick.

fun with balls on the tuff spot
Day 1

The first day we decided to keep it simple. We got some balls out of his ball pit and a tub. Baby D couldn’t have been happier, it was amazing how long he was occupied just grabbing the balls, rolling them, putting them in the tub, taking them out and of course eating the balls and tub.

Day 2

The second day I got a wee bit more adventurous I went for a theme! We had dinosaurs. Dinosaur books, some pretend eggs, a mat, cushion, a dinosaur rattle and of course a dinosaur to play with. This was a massive hit. The first thing Baby D went for as always was the books so the Hubby read him a book. He then spent ages exploring his toys and enjoying his other stories.

On the third day and unfortunately where our adventures had to pause we explored tones and textures. As always my OCD got the better of me so we explored a selection of yellow, orange and red objects. We put Baby D’s favourite rug out for him to lie on. This was by far the most successful day, Baby D went back to it a couple of times during the day and loved exploring different things each day.

tuff spot play sensory colour and texture
Day 3

Now that Baby D is getting better hopefully we can return to activities using our Tuff Spot.

Time for Mummy and Daddy

Relaxation Station

This week has made it pretty clear that if Mummy and Daddy don’t get enough time to relax they are literally no good to Baby D. We have been caring for Baby D’s every need round the clock and as a result the hubby and I (more him than me) are dying on our feet.

In a bid to encourage myself to actually relax and enjoy some me time I’ve set up a ‘Relaxation Station’ in our living room, complete with colouring books and pencils, magazines, my laptop and of course I have set it up in the cosiest corner of the living room. Meanwhile the hubby seems pretty content with the bombsite that is his computer desk to relax and as he calls it ‘kill zombies’.

Next Week

‘Joys of the Week’ #5 will return next Thursday hopefully with a healthier week under our belt for us all!


4 thoughts on “Joys of the Week #4

  1. You all did great keeping calm in a crisis good to see you are all getting back to good health

  2. I’m glad that you are all on the mend and looking after yourselves. I look forward to a new year of adventures for you wee family. Thank you for sharing. xx

  3. It’s rubbish whe they are ill buy they bounce well don’t they!! Yay for the tuff spot, love them. Enjoy it! Family and relaxation is so important! Yay for 2017!! Thanks for linking up to #familyfun

  4. Happy 6 months little man. I’m sorry to hear he was poorly but glad he is better snow and you have the support around you. Our little one had bronchilitus when he was about 5/6 months old and was in hospital for days. It was pretty horrible alround, winter is tough on the little ones – and parents! Thanks for joining us at #familyfun xx

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