Joys of the Week #3

Oh the excitement this week. So much has happened yet I have no idea what day it is anymore and what I should be doing. We have had a wonderful first Christmas. We are about to start the de-christmassing of the house while Baby D sleeps so now is as good a time as any to reflect on Baby D’s first Christmas!

Final Preparations for Santa

Lunch out with Mr D

We finally got the our Christmas Shopping finished last Thursday thanks to my folks who looked after Baby D while Mummy and Daddy braved the shops. We treated ourselves to lunch for getting everything done. What a treat being able to enjoy hot food and a cold drink rather than cold food and a warm drink!



We had a lovely start to the Christmas celebrations visiting Baby D’s Bisnonna (Great Grandmother) we exchanged gifts. Baby D without the means to make money had to make all his gifts so he took his tummy time painting Christmas tree and salt dough ornaments!

Letter from Santa

On Christmas Eve we gave Baby D his first Christmas Eve box, we read him his letter from Santa and gave him his treats for being a good boy. In all honesty the whole thing passed him by but we enjoyed it.

We had a mega sleepover with the Hubby’s folks and his brother and wife staying over. Quite literally pandemonium but a wonderful memory for Baby D’s first Christmas. We had a lovely winter stew cooked by my very talented hubby and a few glasses of fizz to celebrate the occasion.

Christmas Day

Christmas Morning Fun

Christmas morning was surprisingly relaxed. We opened Baby D’s stocking and his ballpool then he went for his first nap. We managed to exchange our gifts while he slept and had a lovely hot cup of tea! What a treat for Christmas.My folks came round on Christmas morning and joined in the fun. Baby D was more than just a little bit excited to see them and loved attacking his wrapping paper.We had a few hours to ourselves which was lovely Baby D had a nap, the hubby and I exchanged gifts and had yet another hot cup of tea! Christmas truly is magical!

My parents joined us for Baby D’s first Christmas Dinner. We finally opened the last of Baby D’s presents before dinner having decided to spread them out so that he could enjoy them. We enjoyed a lovely meal and Baby D enjoyed a highchair covered in toys, everyone was happy.We had a few celebratory drinks then what has to be the earliest Christmas night ever- we were asleep by 10pm!

Boxing Day

Boxing Day Fun


On Boxing Day we started Christmas all over again with my brother and his family. We had a lovely day playing, eating and yet more presents from Santa. We managed to enjoy dinner with only setting the smoke alarm off twice due to ripped tinfoil and smoking meat! We did have the pleasure of some delightful bugs(plastic) in our dessert courtesy of our nephews!

We also enjoyed a delightful walk to our local pub this week with Baby D’s Nonna and Grandad. We were treated to lunch which was delicious. Baby D loved the walk as always and we got to see some lovely horses in the fields.

Back to Reality

We had the joys of restocking the cupboards today too. What a difference a week makes. You could actually walk around the shop without people charging for milk and bread as if the shops were about to close forever. Baby D enjoyed some time alone with his Nana and Grandad while Mummy and Daddy got some yummy food for him to try/wear now that he’s decided he likes food!

So now let’s see what joys the next week and of course year bring us! Happy New Year for when it comes I will be posting a few days after New Year.

Next Week

The next ‘Joys of the Week’ will be Friday 6th of January rather than Thursday.





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  1. Fab Christmas story we all had a ball roll on next year when he will be the one decorating the tree

  2. I’m glad you kept hydrated with all the tea! It sounds like you all enjoyed Baby D’s first Christmas and made lots of happy memories (not all made of salt dough!).

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