Christmas Crafts with Baby D and Co.

I absolutely love crafting. I have always enjoyed art and making things, my mum has still got a lot of the tat I made as a child and admittedly as an adult! Now that Baby D is turning into a proper wee person Christmas seemed the perfect time to start introducing him to crafting.

Salt Dough Ornaments


The first thing we decided to tackle was salt dough. The only thing I will say if I were to give advice to other parents is don’t expect Pinterest Perfection! We invited Baby D’s Baby cousin over to make salt dough ornaments together, what could possibly go wrong two cute babies making ornaments with their hands and feet. HAHAHAHA

By the time I had made the dough, having forgotten the food colouring and adding it halfway through, Baby D was in a grump and his Baby cousin had fallen asleep. Nearly an hour later we finally had what resembled three feet imprints of both babies! We called it a day and I tidied up what could only be described as carnage and Baby D’s Aunty, Uncle and Baby Cousin went off to do their Christmas shopping.

Tiny Feet

During Baby D’s nap I thought it would be a brilliant idea to try again (by myself having already struggled with three grown ups) to make some more prints and try some tree decorations. This time though I would be prepared. I made three lots of coloured dough (don’t bother you’ll still need to paint it and you wont dye you or the baby a funny colour too) and went about cutting out various shapes (Mickey Mouse, Little Trees, Stars and Gingerbread men) I also left enough dough to make handprints for the Grandparents.

Ready for Round Two

Baby D slept through all my preparations so I tried doing the handprints while he slept, success one, two, thr….almost three handprints Baby D woke up halfway through the third so the final handprint also has my hand on the back of it because it was the only way I could get a very excited Baby D to not eat the dough.

I then set about collecting his finger prints on the other ornaments. He loved doing the fingerprints as he got to get right into the dough and feel and squish as he pleased. (I will say have warm water in a bowl on hand to get dough out of tiny nails). When the hubby got home he helped and we added our own fingerprints to some of the ornaments to make some family ornaments too. (I seriously hope I can keep up this enthusiasm, we shall see)

Ready to Bake

Pleased with our success I started baking our creations…it took days, literally. Three days later everything was finally ready to paint and varnish. This was a job I allocated to myself and Baby D duly supervised, next year he can help with the painting once he can hold a brush.

Then finally the hubby and I put string on the ornaments and packaged everything nicely for our friends and family. After a shaky start we had successfully made salt dough ornaments.

Tummy Time Painting

Trust me I said to the Hubby I know a way to do this that will make literally no mess. Another Pinterest Fail. I decided we would do some sensory finger painting during tummy time using cling film. Baby D got through the cling film in about five seconds.

We tried again with a Polly Pocket- success second time lucky yet again. Baby D loved squishing the paint round the page. We then cut out the basic shapes the paint made and glued them on to plain paper. Add some googly eyes, details with a Sharpie and Viola- Baby Christmas Art.

This was so easy to do and you can easily get really creative and make lots of pictures using the Baby Splodges, plus it literally is mess free once you find something the baby can’t rip easily!

Presents from Baby D

For our first Christmas not a bad attempt at crafting. I can’t wait to see what mess we can make next year when Baby D is toddling!



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  1. Such dedication to your crafting! It looks like you and the wee one had lots of fun and the results are lovely.

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