Joys of the Week #2

I’m not sure what I am more in awe at, Baby D taking in his first Christmas or the fact that he is nearly six months old! We have had a lovely week finishing our Christmas shopping, making some more family gifts and catching up with friends and family. Baby D has definitely got his own personality now too (wild) he’s hilarious!

Catching Up

Movie Night
Fun with Nonna

The hubby enjoyed his work’s Christmas night out and Baby D and I had a lovely wee evening in with his Nonna D. First Grandad M had to come to the rescue and lower the cot after Baby D decided to roll over and try to pull himself out of the cot!  It made our night much easier than trying to do the bedtime routine solo. I can’t believe how much energy Baby D now has during the day. Gone are the days where he would sit or lie and take things in. Now he wants to be in the middle of the action all the time which is fantastic but so tiring!

Since Friday we have spent most of our time catching up with friends and family. Our own wee family had our first Movie Night snuggled on the couch on saturday watching Christmas films. The hubby and I even treated ourselves to a marshmallowy hot chocolate!

Christmas Selfie
Christmas Selfie

We took Buddy the Baby Elf to a lovely family Christmas with the Hubby’s extended family on Sunday. Baby D loved playing with his cousins and auntys and uncles. We enjoyed festive food and drinks, secret Santa and Mummy even got a wee glass of fizz! It was lovely to see Baby D playing with his big cousins and squealing in delight when he was getting played with.

We were delighted Aunty Morag who has been living across the pond managed to come and see us on Monday. We had a lovely morning catching up and enjoying festive treats! Baby D was on top form with lots of smiles and giggles and even a wee hug with Aunty Morag!

We also enjoyed some last-minute shopping with Nana this week. Baby D was delighted when she treated him to his very own Mr Tumble, I think this is the first time I’ve seen the wee man proud of a toy!

Mr Tumble
Playing with Nana and Mr Tumble

Food Glorious Food

We began Baby D’s weaning journey weeks ago by letting him try lots of different fruits and vegetables to get used to tastes and textures. This last couple weeks he has become a lot more interested so we have gone back to trying him with a few more spoons at a time, after him recently staring my banana off me and eating a good few mushed spoonfuls. He now seems to love food and gets very excited when his spoon and bowl comes out. He loves holding his spoon and has found his mouth pretty successfully. He can also hold his sippy cup now and can take a wee drink of water by himself! Definitely far from the wee newborn he once was!






Smile for the Camera

By far the funniest discovery this week! Baby D has always been quite good at smiling for a photo despite being in mid meltdown moments before. This week we tried doing some more selfies, Oh my how much that boy loves to see himself. He literally loves a selfie, which shouldn’t come as a surprise given how much he loves the funny baby in the mirror. Here are some of my favourite snaps from this week, these were taking while we were waiting in the car to pick Daddy up from the doctors- again he’s not been lucky this week he has suffered from a horrific bug which thankfully seems to be on it’s merry way!





Next Week

I can’t wait to share my Joys of the Week #3 next Thursday we will have had our first family Christmas!






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  1. What a busy week – so many new experiences! (I loved my cuddles!). I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas – it has certainly got off to a good start! xx

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