Joys of the Week #1

Well it’s been a while since my last post. I have been enjoying every moment with Baby D and have barely had time to pause and reflect on anything. On looking forward I have decided the best way to record the highs and lows is to start a weekly update. Some weeks I may have more to say than others but that’s just life.

So what has happened in the last month, well quite a lot…

In short Baby D can now roll around like a little steam roller, lunging himself at what he desires. He is practically sitting up and he loves to stand. In short he is no longer a wee baby and now requires what feels like my full attention and some all the time. He has always been active- looking at things, grabbing for things and kicking his legs. Now it is a whole new ball game. We have realised we now need to actually baby proof the house!

Since returning from the Barn we have also started a new play group which we have managed to attend once as either Baby D or I have been floored with winter bugs! It’s the first real play group we have attended. Baby D like with all new things slept through most of his first session. Hopefully in the new year he can start to enjoy making friends and maybe I can too!

Daddy D has not been without drama either, after finally getting a diagnosis for a heart condition he has been going to the Dr about for about ten years he will have a procedure to fix his ticker. A procedure I have been assured has the same risks as having tonsils removed or a wisdom teeth removed. I feel I may still lose my mind throughout the entire day he is in the hospital. He has also had a mole removed and sent away for analysis again Doctors say they are 99% percent certain it’s not an issue, cue three weeks of worry, I can’t help it I am a worrier.

Now I can finally get on to what everyone else seems to have been chatting about for months- CHRISTMAS. It is literally my most favourite time of the year. I actually cannot believe how much more I have enjoyed the festive season now that Baby D is here, hence the lack of posts. We have been so busy- making salt dough ornamnets, painting pictures and having lots of fun with Christmas sensory bottles.

I have also loved dressing Baby D in all sorts of Christmas outfits! We even made a holiday card together- the Hubby and I have been together for nearly eight years and thought hadn’t crossed our minds. It’s like when you have a child suddenly you want everyone to see everything you are doing. We are just proud parents and enjoy spreading the wee man’s cheer.

We have also had great fun decorating the house with the wee man. He is at a fantastic age now where he loves everything, hopefully this will continue and he will love Christmas as much as us. Baby D has also loved visiting friends and family this holiday season, all the while wondering why on earth people have brought the trees inside and shoved lights and decorations all over them.

Baby D’s favourite thing is still nature, I think his favourite thing is trees and leaves- he was in his element at our last magic carpet minis, it had an animal theme- he got to hold an organza river, play with some leaves and rattle fish with bells on. He also loves music and well anything that makes a noise, I made him some tinsel sensory bottles for Christmas and he loves shaking them. He has also loved looking at all the Christmas lights, I changed his room lights to candy lights for the festive period and he seems intrigued by them too.

We also had the pleasure of helping my Mum and Dad, Baby D’s Nana and Grandad celebrate their Ruby Anniversary. We had a fantastic day with the family eating lots of food, listening to music and enjoying each other’s company. It was amazing watching two people who have been together for so long still very much in love an enjoying being with each other. I hope the Hubby and I are just as happy in forty years.

I cannot wait to see what else the holidays have in store for us.

I will be posting my next ‘Joys of the Week’ next Thursday hopefully with lots of Christmassy Adventures.




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4 thoughts on “Joys of the Week #1

  1. I can’t wait to see you both, although I’m thinking that he’ll have changed more than you in the last few months!! xx

  2. Glad the mole is nothing to worry about. It’s an incredible age that baby is at, always something new. Have a wonderful Christmas xx #FamilyFun

  3. Wow ruby anniversary that’s fab! I hope the OH is ok and that the procedure is as easy as it can be for you all. Hope you’ve seen the last of the winter bugs and yay for learning to roll! Have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for joining us at #familyfun xx

  4. Baby D is such a cutie pie! Getting into the habit of a weekly update takes a lot of practice. It’s so easy to not do it! I just love it when they start to get into everything and love it all! Sorry it’s taken me so long to come by from #FamilyFun (Christmas happened!!) and thank s for linking up!

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