Christmas in November, The Barn, Killin, Scotland

christmas in november

Snow had fallen, Christmas crackers and decorations covered the table and we were all sat round the table wearing Christmas jumpers, eating our Christmas dinner, the only catch- it is November!

As an ever-expanding family it is not always easy to have Christmas with everyone together so this year we squeezed in an early Christmas complete with Christmas dinner, decorations, silly games and of course Santa left some presents too!

Tasty Treats from Mhor

This is the D clans second outing to ‘The Barn’, the first being last year when Baby D was Bump D. As a family who love Scotland and the countryside Killin in the heart of Scotland is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of living and working in the city. We had a lovely stop on the way in Callandar, we started off the weekend in style with lovely hot chocolates, scones, pies and of course a visit to the Nutcracker Christmas Shop.

The View from our Room
The View from our Room

We started the festivities at ‘The Barn’ with a seasonal BBQ and some drinks. Ever ones to explore the unconventional! We did however watch my all time favourite Christmas film ‘Santa Clause the Movie’. Baby D decided he just couldn’t miss out on any of the fun so stayed up way past his bedtime and eventually fell asleep not long before we fell asleep watching the film.

On Christmas morning (or Saturday to everyone else) we got up early and headed into the village for a wander. We walked round the park, the pond and the local shops, picking up little souvenirs and Christmas decorations on the way. We managed to find a tiny Christmas tree complete with tiny baubles for Mummy D, Daddy D and Baby D.

Everyone loves Lunch
Everyone loves Lunch

We then stopped for a ‘light’ lunch and some tea to warm up in ‘The Killin Hotel’. We have been for food and stayed a few times before. It is always a very friendly and welcoming place to visit. Baby D particularly enjoyed looking out the window at the River Tay.

The View from Ben Lawers (The Last Passing Place)

After lunch we went on a mini adventure to the car park of Ben Lawers to take in the view. Actually we only made it to the last passing place about twenty yards from said car park. Our car got stuck in the snow and with a bit of help Grandad D and Uncle D we were swiftly on our way back down the mountain. Perhaps next time if a car is coming down an icy snowy mountain road they might take the passing place, rather than letting the car travelling up the mountain get stuck. However the Hubby stayed very calm and after what can only be described as a cartoon like fall, got us safely back down the hill. I managed to open the window and get a few lovely pictures of the view. Baby D as always slept through the entire ordeal!

Once we were safely back in the house we had a traditional Scottish toast with ‘The Water of Life’ Whisky (we had Clynelish a special distillers edition we picked up on our Babymoon to Inverness and beyond!)To health, happiness and a Merry Early Christmas!

Blue Bear
Blue Bear

Having settled ourselves it was off to explore, we wrapped Baby D up in what can only be described as the most adorable snowsuit ever. He quite literally looked like a tiny blue teddy bear. We attached him to the sling and off we went on yet another mini adventure. We got about halfway to the loch and decided it was far too soggy and cold and headed back up to the house.

The hubby was desperate for some Baby D hugs, he usually only gets about an hour or so

Dad be cool!
Dad be cool!

during the week with Baby D then he starts to get ready for bed. Baby D had lots of fun with Daddy and enjoyed lots of cuddles and games. Meanwhile Mummy D and Aunty D were enjoying some relaxing time in the Hot tub, Perfection after a very eventful afternoon.

Now we get on to the Christmassy part of Christmas! We had a lovely evening of gift giving, eating our traditional Christmas dinner, games, more eating, Elf, more eating and enjoying some family time together.

We had a lovely wee weekend away with the family, made even more special with the Christmas theme, Christmas is definitely my favourite holiday, this year is already looking to involve at least two more!

A Few more snaps…


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One Messy Mama



Two Tiny Hands


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  1. Absolutely beautiful pics, as always. I’m glad you enjoyed your first Christmas. We are having two before the 25th too!! I can’t wait!

  2. Scotland is one of our favourite destinations it’s so beautiful. Getting to spend time with the family is great, and what better than with a Christmas theme. Baby d looks like time with daddy did him good!! Thanks for linking up to #familyfun

  3. Those pictures are gorgeous and it looks absolutely beautiful. Have a two Christmasses is a idea. We’re having our first next weekend although I doubt it will be quite so picturesque and christmassey as yours! Glad you all had a lovely Christmas 😃 Thanks for sharing it with us at #familyfun xx

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