‘We are One’ Baby D’s Naming Ceremony 

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It’s official Baby D has a name. Lewis Ronald D, Lewis after Lou Reed my husband’s musical hero and Ronald after my late Grandad. The day was so much more than even I could have imagined. So many wonderful people came along to celebrate the birth of our son and welcome him into their lives with open arms. There was also many kind well wishes from people who couldn’t make it along.

The Preparations

tiny hands naming day favoursIn the morning all that was left to do was simply lay things out, blow up balloons and hang the decorations.  I had spent weeks planning, organising and making things. For the favours I spent hours and hours, well probably days meticulously cutting out Baby D’s hand and writing on tiny Mickey Mouse heads. One of Baby D’s Guidemums spent the equivalent amount of time making a guest book by drawing and cutting out animal silhouettes on different colours of card. We also made photobooth props, a joy that took an entire afternoon. Some decorations were easy and sensible: the centrepieces were foil star explosions surrounded by starry confetti. We bought some baby boy hanging decorations with little feet and baby bottles. My other bright idea was my feet bunting- which after all the effort looked fabulous and to finish all we had to do was ‘simply’ hang lots of photos on lovely blue ribbon- what a joy that was hanging over a hundred photos with tiny pegs on a slightly too thick to use ribbon!I am also particularly proud of myself for designing and making the Orders of Service- I’m not the most technical of people so for me this was a pretty good achievement, another momento for Baby D.


Baby D supervised the setting up from the comfort of his buggy. He then enjoyed a nice feed with his Grandad before the ceremony started. Then it was off with Mummy, Daddy and two of his Guideparents to get changed into his special outfit.

The Ceremony

The ceremony was perfect.We were more than delighted that our wedding celebrant Karen Dickson was also able to do Baby D’s Naming Ceremony. naming ceremony celebrant karen dicksonWe started with the song ‘Over the Rainbow’ – The Blanks, which was our first dance at the wedding, nicely continuing the next chapter of our lives. Our niece and nephew read ‘We are One’ from the Lion King, we couldn’t very well have a naming ceremony without Disney. We shared the story of Baby D’s birth and milestones to date.

naming ceremony promisesThe Guideparents made promises to ”bring chaos to an organised life”, ”teach Baby D about music, art and painting” , ”inspire imagination and creativity” and also to ”be there for Baby D and give him hugs”. The Grandparents made promises to simply love and support Baby D. We made our own special parent promises too, which Baby D seemed to enjoy! We are truly fortunate to have so many wonderful people involved in Baby D’s Life. To formalise the Promises we had a Sand Ceremony- where all the people who promised to support Baby D added their own colour of sand to a special bottle to symbolise their presence in his life, Baby D now has a very colourful keepsake of the day. The Formal Naming closed the ceremony and we finished by listening to ‘Ally Bally Bee’, Baby D’s favourite song which ironically put him to sleep as the ceremony ended.

The Outfit

Took longer than my wedding dress to acquire- although it was never going to be found in a morning. After looking in almost every baby shop in Edinburgh and a lot of The Highlands we eventually found the perfect fit for Baby D. What better than outfit for a formal welcoming ceremony than the national dress. Baby D wore a kilt- completed with a tartan bow tie and tartan converse. Baby D being the hot baby that he is managed the ceremony in his full kilt then spent the rest of the day in his shirt (open) and shoes!

kilt naming ceremony outift

The Cake

Was absolutely delicious and stunning all at the same time. Our very talented cousin made the cake and Baby D’s gorgeous lettering for the ceremony. We are not one to do cakes (or any food) by halves, we opted for a two tier button cake topped with letter cubes and of course Baby Mickey. We also had a sea of baby feet cupcakes.


The Party


After the ceremony we spent the afternoon listening to music and catching up with our friends and family. It was a very special time for us as a family and we enjoyed it very much. It was fantastic to see so many people share joy and laughter and most importantly welcome Baby D into their lives. We also had some funny times, Baby D decided to spend most of the afternoon snoozing, naturally placing some photobooth props round him and taking pictures was the caring and sensitive thing to do.

The Photos

Capture the day perfectly. The Second time we have used Colin Myers Photography. We were definitely not disappointed, the photos captured the ceremony perfectly, Baby D will have yet more wonderful keepsakes of the day he was welcomed into the world formally.


The Venue

We had the Ceremony and Celebrations at The Stair Arms Hotel in Pathhead. The venue was lovely, the room was very spacious and bright and we were allowed to add all our own special touches. If the weather had been better we would also have been able to enjoy the outside space too, there’s a park for wee ones and beautiful views of the countryside. The staff were fantastic, they worked hard and were very accommodating, they coped well with my many silly questions and requests.

We had a fabulous day and I hope in years to come Baby D will enjoy hearing about his special day and looking at all his special things from the day!










Two Tiny Hands



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  1. Congratulations Lewis Ronald – you have been named and celebrated splendidly creating a joyful day for everyone involved. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Aww, what a lovely ceremony, it looks like a fab time was had by all! Your baby is adorable & also, the cake look fantastic! xx #FamilyFun

  3. Wow it sounds like you had a wonderful day. I haven’t heard of guideparents but I love the idea. What a lovely name too. It sounds like you went to lots of effort but it was all worth it and a day to remember. Thank you for sharing it with us at #familyfun xx

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