Sensory Activities for a Small Baby with Everday Objects


As soon as I found out we were having a baby I started researching activities and toys for babies. I was given lots of toys which Baby D loves. We spend a lot of time playing with his baby toys but we also dedicate time to ‘real’ objects too.

Since Baby D has arrived we have also found fun sensory activities to do around the house which he loves. He is getting to know the world around him and the activities cost nothing so it’s even better. These activities are really easy to incorporate into your daily routines.

The Kitchen 

At first I panicked about exploring the kitchen but as long as you are with baby it’s safe and a good learning tool.

Whenever we are in the kitchen we introduce Baby D to new things. We talk to baby constantly about what he his feeling or looking at. Here are some things he’s enjoyed so far.

  • Feeling cold things from the fridge or freezer.
  • Opening the fridge or freezer door and feeling the cold air.
  • Opening the oven and letting the warm air come across the room. (A two person activity, be sure to stand far enough away from the oven and say ‘hot’ etc.)
  • Unpacking the shopping and feeling different items.
  • Feeling the laundry coming out the machine.
  • Washing the dishes talking about all the items.
  • Feeling pots, chopping boards, spoons etc.
  • Being held looking out the window.
  • Feeling the herbs/plants on the window sill.
  • Shaking pasta and rice jars for baby to look at.
  • Filling small plastic bottles or jars with different foods for baby to look at.
  • Smelling food and drink.
  • Of course helping Mummy Blog. 

The Living Room 

  • Lying on the sheepskin rug. 
  • Listening to lots of different music.
  • Looking at photographs.
  • Looking at magazines and newspapers.
  • Feeling cushions and blankets.
  • Lying on the floor kicking tissue paper.
  • Tying a balloon to baby’s feet. Baby loves to make the balloon dance. 

The Bathroom

  • Having a bath and splashing.
  • Watching the shower
  • Feeling the sponge
  • Flushing the toilet for baby to watch.

The Bedrooms 

  • Turning the lamps on and off.
  • Talking to the funny Baby in the mirror.
  • Watching and listening to the Hoover.
  • Feeling the drawers open and close.
  • Lying under a blanket tent. 

The Garden

  • Feeling the plants and flowers.
  • Sitting on the grass under shade.
  • Smelling different plants and flowers.
  • Sitting in the shade. 

Out and About 

For small babies every outing fills their senses. Just a short walk in the pram allows them to see, hear and smell new things.

I’ve found that whenever baby goes somewhere new there’s always lots for him to look at and explore he very rarely needs the multi sensory toys when we are out as there’s so much for him to do.

He loves hearing new voices and seeing new people.

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10 thoughts on “Sensory Activities for a Small Baby with Everday Objects

  1. These are really brilliant and easy things we can do with our little ones. When we think of sensory we often think of getting all sorts of different textured items that we often don’t have in a box and letting the little ones explore yet here are some great ways to get your little ones senses and interactions stimulated as part of your everyday. Thanks for sharing with us at #familyfun xx

  2. What a great list – my toddler is pretty good at getting up to mischief without my help but it’s good to be reminded!


  3. Great list and I think you saved my favourite till last. I loved taking my little out on walks in a sling where I could talk to him and show him things. Fab. Thanks for linking up to #familyfun

  4. You are so clever. I do a lot of these things naturally but NEVER thought to consider it as something my baby would appreciate. I love how you use everyday actions into learning and fun activities. #familyfun

  5. I love that balloon tied to his leg! 🙂 .. Great ideas and so easy to do as well. I think we sometimes forget that we have so much in our house that can be used to entertain our little ones! Thank you for sharing! #globalblogging

  6. Aw my son loves opening the fridge door and splashing in the bath as well! Soooo cute I love the photo, it’s so interesting to hear what other babies are like because there are obvious differences and similarities it really makes you believe that every baby is unique : ). Thanks for sharing with #GlobalBlogging!

  7. Thanks for the lovely ideas! I have a 5 month old baby and finding activities for him is not easy.
    My little one loves being outside and he loves when I take him grocery shopping. He looks around and stares at the different items. Everything is so colourful!

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