Our First Holiday, Aberfeldy, Scotland 


Just two and a half hours after leaving Edinburgh we arrive in the beautiful countryside. Come through Aberfeldy and travel along a windy country road, followed by a kilometre along a private road and we have reached our destination.

The Perfect Passenger

Day 1: Getting There 

We set off after Baby D’s morning bottle, he was fed changed, burped and ready to go. After cramming as much stuff as possible into our car we were luckily able to stuff the rest into my mum and dads car, Nana and Grandad to the rescue again.

Meeting the Locals

About a mile into the journey the baby was asleep- success with the first nap of the day underway the hubby and I enjoyed the first part of the journey. A stop for lunch at Bankfoot, a bottle, burp and change for the wee man and then we’re back on the road. Again about a mile along back to sleep until we arrived at our destination.

We had a lovely first day exploring the ‘Longbarn’ at Dunskiag. We particularly enjoyed the sauna and hot tub. The accommodation was beautiful with a lovely log burning fire, open plan living space and some large comfy couches to unwind in after a long day. The views were lovely too.

We had a lovely home cooked meal altogether.  We also made friends with a couple of the locals, baby D was quite taken with them and spent some time babbling to them at the window. Over the next few days we enjoyed fresh eggs from our new friends which was lovely for the egg eaters in the party- I am literally petrified of eating eggs *A nice weird phobia.

Day  2: The Crannog Centre and Aberfeldy 

Fun in the sling with Mummy

Baby D was very clever and slept all night in a brand new place. We decided to do a bit of exploring so headed off towards the Crannog Centre. Unfortunately due to two school visits and a very hungry baby we couldn’t explore the actual Crannog but we did get a good view and a few pictures of the Crannog. Baby D also loved having a wee wander in the sling- as you can quite clearly deduct from his grumpy faced photo.

On the way back from our visit we had a wander round Aberfeldy. We got some delicious meringues and Scottish tablet. Baby D also got a very cute Lamb, he was as usual treated by his Nana and Grandad.

Cuddles with Bashful Lamb
Cuddles with Bashful Lamb

We rounded off the day with another family meal and dip in the hot tub to unwind.

Day 3: House of Bruar, Pitlochry and The Enchanted Forest

Busy, busy, busy day today. We spent the morning in the House of Bruar, we started our Christmas shopping. Including Baby’s first Christmas album, personalised of course, with a personalised pirate songs CD for good measure. We had some lovely hearty soup for lunch then hit the road.

Off we went to lovely Pitlochry. We  done yet more shopping!  We finally managed to find Baby D a naming ceremony outfit too but more on that later.

Then by far the best way to end any day we visited The Enchanted Forest. Unbelievably Baby D lasted most of the evening with a wee power nap half way through. He then proceeded to sleep all night again. We are very lucky with his sleeping!

Baby D Enjoying Tree Man

*If you fancy you can see our trip to The Enchanted Forest in pictures here.

Day 4:  Recovering from Day 3

We spent most of the day chatting to the hens, soaking in the hot tub and playing with Baby D. We had a wee jaunt into Aberfeldy to get the all important bread and milk!

Enjoying the views as always and Playing in the Barn
Enjoying the views as always and Playing in the Barn

Day 5: Homeward Bound  

After a very successful first holiday with Baby D it was time to head home. Baby D slept the entire journey home, he was clearly exhausted after a week relaxing in the country.

image image








Oh the Joys of going on holiday! Spent half the day attacking all our luggage.





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