Things you don’t realise WILL change when you have a baby.

imageI love being a Mummy and I wouldn’t change it for the world but there are a number of things that change when you have a baby that I wasn’t expecting or prepared for.

A Very Grumpy Baby D Waiting to get out the car
A Very Grumpy Baby D Waiting to get out the car

Parking your car and being able to enter your destination becomes an adventure. If you are lucky enough to get one of the very few designated baby spaces you have a lot to organise before you even think about getting the baby out the car. If you’re going any distance you need to lug the baby’s wheels out the boot. Then you need to collect all the baby’s luggage for the activity including the diaper bag, blankets if it’s cold and any comfort items. Then once you have all that you then try to manoeuvre the baby safely out the car. We’ve had a few horrible experiences already having to ferry babies and buggies across a road like some sort of riddle puzzle.

You can no longer go shopping without thinking about dimensions. On a number of occasions we have gotten the buggy stuck in spaces that were slightly too small for wheels to fit through. Clothes shops are definitely the worst for this, the number of tangles we have had in clothes rails already.

Catching a bus is now a mix of luck, organisation and impeccable timing. We were recently getting ready to leave the house and my husband checked the bus timetable and commented the bus is due in seven minutes we’ll make it. I stared at him a moment until the penny dropped with a baby to organise a nappy bag to pack and ourselves to get ready a seven minute dash is no longer an option. If you do actually manage to be at the bus stop when it arrives you have the next obstacle of there actually being a buggy spot on the bus for you.

Eating or drinking anything hot. It is not going to happen for quite some time. We’ve gotten quite used to cold food and drink. We often plan meals based on what will taste good cold if the baby is particularly unsettled. Otherwise one of you holds the baby whilst the other eats and then you swap.

"Hot Chocolate" which were more like Chocolate Milkshake
“Hot Chocolate” which were more like Chocolate Milkshake

Running to the shop to buy milk now becomes an expedition to the Antarctic. It doesn’t matter if you are taking a walk round the block or going further afield you need to pack your entire house everywhere you go.

Showering becomes either impossible or some weird dance to the baby using your conditioner bottle to stop him from squealing to get out of the clearly torturous bouncy chair you have put him in so that you can watch him. Or you get halfway through your shower and he throws up or gets his soft book stuck in some impossible place! Result is greasier hair than before and water everywhere- pass the dry shampoo!

As I said I love my boy but your life changes in ways you would never dream of.




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7 thoughts on “Things you don’t realise WILL change when you have a baby.

  1. And don’t forget about not being able to go the bathroom yourself once you are at the store 🙂 My boys are now 15 and 12 and wouldn’t go to the store with me if I paid them. But at least I can take a drink with me and use the restroom while I am gone. Nice layout of your blog best wishes.

  2. Isn’t it sad that going shopping by ourselves is like a trip to a coffee shop 🙂 .. It’s quiet, you can get lost in your thoughts, even enjoy a slow stroll! Whereas shopping with a kid in tow is like a marathon race just so you can get out of there and back to the safety of your own home! Boy things do change! Thanks for linking up lovely! #GlobalBlogging

  3. Gone are the days when we could just leave the house without so much planning and thought and I might suggest to my partner that we cook food that will taste good once cold. Great Post!

  4. Spontenaeity absolutely goes out of the window doesn’t it, that and peace and quiet! With you on the parking, never enough parent and baby spots. Loved reading this for #nofilter.

  5. It’s like you’ve read my mind! Parking is my biggest gripe, especially at the supermarket when big white vans park in mum and baby spaces! Why?? Just walk!!!! Thanks so much for linking up. #NoFilter

  6. When the Child was first born I remember having fantasies about popping to the shops for milk – it was like the pinnacle of freedom for me at that point. You take so much for granted before you have children! Thanks for linking up to #nofilter

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