Mummy and Baby D’s Big Day Out


A rainy, blustery day in Edinburgh couldn’t stop our mini adventures today. After many successful days out as a family, I thought it would be fun to try a baby day out solo, well kind of, we did manage to sneak a visit to Daddy’s work!


After a lovely morning of playing with Baby D and his cubes we decided to get out the house for a bit. Let’s go and see Daddy at work, that will be fun. So off we went to meet Daddy after Mummy packed most of the house into the changing bag. Baby D’s first ride on a bus in his big boy buggy…due to the fact it is literally a squash and squeeze in his carrycot!


We had a lovely time at Daddy’s work, we were full of smiles and giggles. We then had a wee wander round the museum and Daddy got to feed Baby D, he was thrilled – the boy walking pillow was giving him his milk today.

Then Daddy had to go back to work. Mummy then walked round the museum with baby D- lots- about 3 miles worth. Baby D clearly enjoyed the effort Mummy made yet again! He enjoyed the animal room then was out for the count! Mummy really enjoyed looking at the sculptures- something even Daddy doesn’t have the patience for.

At least he enjoyed one room!

After our mini adventure in the museum it was time for Mummy to get some sustenance so off to John Lewis for some tea and yummy carrot cake! Baby D had a little sleep then a feed from Mummy.

We had a lovely end to the day, we managed to meet Daddy on the way home and enjoyed the bus ride home together!

Baby D then had a relaxed evening on his mat, trying to eat his cubes- whole!


All in all a fairly successful solo adventure, I can’t wait to see what we can get up to next…



3 thoughts on “Mummy and Baby D’s Big Day Out

  1. Every outing with your baby is an adventure but worth the effort fresh air and new places is always a challenge but exciting and at the same time tiring for mummy but it appears your cake helped

  2. Well done for getting out and about on your own with gorgeous Baby D! Sounds like a lovely day. Looking forward to the next family adventure xxx

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