What Shall we do with a Bouncing Baby?


Now that Baby D is a mighty twelve weeks old I thought it would be nice to share some of the things he enjoys doing.


Smiles and Giggles

Nothing beats waking up every morning to a smiling baby, well maybe when you put him to sleep and he literally has a smile on his face. Recently he has progressed to proper giggling, especially for his grandparents! Mummy and Daddy aren’t quite as funny as his grandparents yet.

Cuddles with Daddy


What can I say he is his Mummy’s son. The wee man loves a cuddle, the only problem being he’s a toasty baby so he can’t cope with a hug for too long but he loves a hug and a squeeze. He especially loves to bounce on your knee or look merrily at the person who is holding him. He also loves to cuddle into his comforters and teddies as he falls asleep.



From his first bath Baby D has always loved water. It’s amazing watching how much confidence he has gained in the water. From a mesmerised newborn to a splishy splashy growing baby. The wee man loves to kick his toys and of course enjoys playing with his bath books and listening to bath stories. He loves watching the water filter through the mini shower head attached to his bath too.

Enjoying the views of Arthur’s Seat


Baby D loves a nice long walk. Now that he’s a bit bigger, well when I say bit I mean a twelve week old who is very quickly outgrowing his 3-6 month wardrobe, he loves to see what is going on around him. He loves the hustle and bustle of everyday life and watching the world go by.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar


Definitely a boy after his Mummy’s heart, he loves listening to stories and reading books with friends and family. His favourite way to read a story is sitting in a (human) boat and giving the pages a good feel, he is also fond of trying to turn the pages in his books.

Piano Feet


All kinds of music, be it nursery rhymes, folk, pop or classical music, the wee man loves to listen to music. From day one he has loved being sung to, his favourites include ‘Ally Bally Bee’ and ‘Flowers in Your Hair’  He loves Bookbugs Baby Rhymetime and is starting to enjoy the actions too.Baby also loves musical instruments- Bells, tambourines, shakers, pianos the boy loves a musical instrument. He is even starting to shake his own shakers and loves to kick his piano on his mat at his Nana’s house.

A Boy who can Multi Task

Lying on his Playmats

Be it on his back or his tummy the boy loves a playmat. Now that he is bigger he loves kicking his ball on hit mat, looking at his books and playing with his rattles and teething toys. He loves to try to roll onto his side and pushing up on his arms.

Chatting with Mummy


The boy loves to babble away and now likes to talk to anyone who is willing to listen, which often includes his doggy, his chair and of course Mummy and Daddy.

Chewing Sophie the Giraffe


On his fingers, clothes, our fingers, his doggy, his teething toys, pretty much anything he can get his hands on he loves to suck and chew on. Baby is definitely starting to explore his surroundings.

Watching Mr Tumble with Daddy


Not all day every day but he definitely takes after his dad on this one. His favourite shows are Thomas the Tank Engine, Curious George, Mr Tumble, and of course every child loves Friends – which we accidentally found out as he woke up from a nap and immediately started smiling and giggling at the tv, now every time he sees it he is glued- his first words may well be ‘How you doin?’.






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