A Magic Carpet Ride

So now that we have mastered Bookbugs and Library Visits, it’s time for a new challenge!

On reading my last post a friend suggested ‘Magic Carpet’ it takes place weekly at The National Museum Scotland. So after a quick search online I found the details and obviously signed us up straight away.

The Hubby had the day off today for Baby D’s second set of jags today (which again Baby D got over a lot quicker than his Mummy, about thirty seconds to be precise, I’m writing this now as the baby lies asleep in his crib snoozing happily) so we decided we would try out ‘Magic Carpet Minis’ as a family. image

We arrived early, squeezed our average family sized car into what felt like a space for a Little Tikes car on Chambers Street and made our way into the museum. Baby D was mesmerised with the building alone and I’m sure he would’ve been quite happy to spend the entire time looking at the ceiling.

Baby D then decided it was time for a quick meal so enjoyed his food in the lovely surroundings of the first floor, staring at his new favourite thing, the ceiling.

imageSo the baby was fed, he had his sticker to show we were here we were finally good to go. We were off to find the Magic Carpet. It changes place every week.


Once we found the carpet we were taken on a Magic Carpet ride to learn all about Greyfriars Bobby through lots of lovely stories and songs. There was lots for baby to look at and listen to. He even got a few props to play with and instruments to play. Baby D is also starting to notice other babies too which is nice he spent some of the time babbling to the lovely girl next to us.

We finished our visit with a quick wander round the ‘Imagine’ room especially for little ones. I can see myself spending many happy hours here with Baby D in the future. As usual the wee man enjoyed the musical instruments the most but there was lots of bright things for him to gaze at on the way round and explore.

So in all a successful first week, let’s see how Mummy copes on her own next week.



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  1. That sounds like a lovely thing to do with him(!!) and different every time. We always loved visiting the museum too – especially seeing the fish. Good luck for going solo!!

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