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In preparation for Baby D I literally filled the house with books! Hard books, soft books, picture books all kinds of books. As a teacher I love books and learning through books. Until baby arrived I had never really experienced how influential books can be!

This week has been particularly special for myself and baby D.  As a self-confessed bookworm I always hoped Baby D would enjoy reading. Well this week we got one step closer. After Bookbugs Ryhmetime this week we got Baby D his very own library card.img_6435


Naturally Baby D wanted to try out his new card, so we checked out a few books for him to read this week. His first picks were ‘Twinkle Twinkle’, ‘Bedtime’ and ‘Baby Talk’. They were all a big hit and baby enjoyed looking and swatting at them!


Through playing with Baby D and his books I’ve watched him learn so many new skills. He has learned to turn the pages using his soft books. He is learning about different textures through squashing, squeezing and of course eating his books.


I also love reading to Baby D especially now that he can hold his head up fairly steady. It amazes me how he will look intently at the pages and feel the pages, truly learning through all his senses. It is also lovely to watch friends and family reading to Baby D and seeing the sheer happiness of the moment on his wee face.


On our trip to Bookbugs this week Baby D enjoyed looking around the library and taking in all the new sights. Since his first Bookbug session Baby D has come on so much and at twelve weeks I can see he is already becoming a bit of a bookworm like his mummy.img_6457


I also have to say Bookbug Ryhmetime by the Scottish Book Trust is fantastic, it is a song and rhyme session for the under-fives, held in libraries all across Scotland. A friend took us to our first session with her wee girl and we haven’t looked back since, we go to Bookbug every week. It is a fantastic way to get out with baby to socialise with other babies and carers whilst developing early language, literacy and music skills.




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