Our First Night away as a Family

Travel cot- check, all of baby’s bedding and comforters from crib- check, most of baby’s wardrobe- check, an entire pack of nappies- check, bottles – check, cleaning brush – check, formula – check, playmat and large bag of toys – check and finally a small backpack with all mummy and daddy’s belongings check!

Everything is packed and it’s off to Grandma and Grandpas we go, a mere six mile journey and we took an entire car full of stuff. Not to mention the fact that we are at grandma and grandpas house every week so baby is always well catered for with toys, changing stuff and a snuggly seat to sit in!

However it was a mini adventure. To celebrate Daddy D’s birthday we went for a wee sleepover made more special with baby’s Aunty K and Uncle M staying too. Baby D managed to stay awake until they arrived- just.

With the important business of unpacking all his things out the way baby was ready to have a nice conversation with Grandma and Grandpa. Then of course Baby supervised getting the table and dining room ready until he got bored and decided it would be a good good time to master getting his Sophie giraffe in his mouth. Mummy and Daddy were so excited baby D almost dropped said giraffe at our reaction.

Baby D then got the pyjama party started and got changed for bed, took his last bottle and pretty much fell asleep at his usual time about half past eight. So after a whole day of packing and planning everything went perfect for Baby D. Daddy enjoyed his birthday meal and cake and so,grown up time- talking about Baby D , looking at pictures of Baby D and sharing stories.

Baby was very clever and slept until just after four, had his feed and again off to sleep until half past seven. So a very successful sleepover indeed. Baby D then put the icing on the cake by sharing lots of smiles, stories and giggles with everyone in the morning! Oh and sneaking a wee shot of Grandmas chair for good measure!


So that’s the first overnight, let’s see how our five day extravaganza up North with Nana and Grandad pans out in October!

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  1. What a successful sleepover – the first of many – and what a clever boy getting Sophie into his mouth. A skill which will bring much joy and entertainment. Congratulations Family D!!

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