“Capture the Moment”- Colin Myers Photography


Well we managed Baby D’s first photo shoot a few weeks ago. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results, the fact that Baby D’s uncle took the photos was just the icing on the cake!

He is a very talented photographer and I am so happy Baby’s first professional photos are by his uncle. I was so nervous that he wouldn’t sit on the day, coupled with the fact I took almost all his clothes along because I just didn’t know what to dress him in, I was in a right flutter when I arrived.

lewis-thinkingWhen I arrived it was very simple, just jeans and a top like he always wears, well mostly he always wears a vest, he is the hottest baby I have ever met! But the jeans are very casual like himself.

The reason the photo shoot was so special is because it was a special picture that was being taken with his cousins for his Nana’s Birthday. Baby D has wonderful cousins who kept him happy the whole time. And in true grown up fashion Baby D’s Aunty and myself spent most of the time jumping up and down making silly faces- it worked.

Needless to say on the day Baby D was on form after all my worries and the pictures are just gorgeous, I even got a sneaky picture myself with Baby!


Colin Myers Photography