What’s in a Name?

So just under a year since we found out our little bundle of joy was on his way and we have had our first meeting with our Humanist celebrant from our wedding to organise our boys naming ceremony, our way of formally welcoming him into the world. It was so nice to catch up and chat about our honeymoon and our adventures since we got married. I still cannot believe we have been married for over a year, I don’t know whether it was post pregnancy hormones but it felt a little emotional as we arrived seeing a wedding couple leave. I am so proud and happy about all our achievements this year, married life is not always easy but it is definitely worth it knowing that we are genuinely always there for each other, even if it is to wind the other one up in times of need- not your traditional love story by a long shot.

The Hubby and I last Year our favourite engagement shoot photo

It amazed me how natural talking about our wee man now feels, at nine weeks old it feels like he has been here forever. We have learned so much in this time. If anyone had suggested a nine week old baby would have a favourite toy or song I would have thought they were mad however being a parent is definitely proving to contradict my understanding of just how clever tiny humans can be.

The ceremony will talk about my pregnancy, Baby D’s birth and his life to date. It will be a special time for our family and friends to come together to welcome Baby D to the world. I hope it will be a very special day for a number of very special people in Baby D’s life.

I have now fully indulged in ceremony planning. It’s pretty similar to planning a wedding I must say, something else I loved planning! I will admit I love to organise much to my husbands delight, so much so that he now opts to wait for my itinerary to be presented before making any suggestions for just about everything. With just six weeks to go everything has now been decided and all systems are go.

We have picked out a lovely hotel for a venue and will have a wedding like ceremony followed by a hot buffet and a chance for our friends and family to catch up and for Baby D to spend time with lots of his family. My brother who is a professional photographer will take some special photos of the ceremony. We have picked out a reading from the Lion King which my oldest niece and nephew will read. We have chosen four guideparents (who will act much in the same way as godparents) they will make promises to love and nourish Baby D in their own special way. We have picked out special songs for before and after the ceremony. We will have a sand ceremony where all the special people in Baby D’s life will add a different colour of sand to show their influence in his life. There will also be promises made by us the parents, the grandparents and guideparents.

I love to make things so have opted to make most of the decorations and favours myself. I have decided to decorate with picture bunting, feet bunting and balloons. I am getting lots of photo’s printed of our wee man’s adventures so far, it’s amazing how many pictures we already have. I’ll then put them up on tiny pegs on the day of the ceremony all around the hall.

Now as someone who has worked with children for ten years I assumed getting twenty-five little footprints onto my lovely curvy edged bunting would be a piece of cake! An entire pack of baby wipes later, a nursery nurse friend, three changes of clothes, a paintbrush and a bottle of paint later we now have something that resembles about twenty little feet. Baby D loved the feeling of the paint so much on his feet  that he wanted to squish it into everything he could reach (yes that did include me, my husband and our friend).

So now all I have to do is cut out one hundred tiny hands  (funnily enough we opted to draw round the baby’s hands rather than try to print them), write his name on one hundred tiny wooden Mickey Mouse ears, fill tiny white organza bags with homemade confetti and I will have also made the favours.Add this to the guest book we are so carefully making by cutting out lots of different animal shapes and we will have our momentos for the day organised for our guests and our boy in years to come.

I think it’s fair to say now I’m glad we are ordering the cake and unlike a wedding not many more things need to be done for a baby’s naming ceremony. With the ceremony all planned with our fantastic humanist all we need to do now is find something for Baby D to wear on the day, that should be a piece of cake! I will be sure to keep you posted when finally find ‘The Outfit’.


DIY bunting using footprints
Tiny Feet





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  1. It does sound like you are enjoying all your preparations! Keep up the blogging – I am enjoying sharing your experiences.

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